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Academic Report: The Power of Cross-borders - Development and Design of Micro Photography Series


Lecture: The Power of Cross-borders-Development and Design of Micro Photography Series

Speaker: Prof. Zhao Yang  

Host:  Chen Guoqiang  

Venue: Room B104, Music Auditorium, West Campus  

Date:  Monday, October 29, 2018  

Time:  19:30-21:30  

Speaker Introduction

Zhao Yang is a professor of China Academy of Art, Deputy Dean of Industrial Design Research Institute, Design Director of Landscape Architecture Design and Research Institute, Distinguished Professor of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Director of Design Department. He is also one of the founders of Environmental Art and Industrial Design at China Academy of Art. He is the deputy director of the Industrial Design Professional Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education, the executive director of the China Industrial Design Association. He is currently the deputy director of the Industrial Design Art Committee of the China Artists Association, the deputy director of the Evaluation Expert Committee of the State Tourism Administration, and the Industrial Design Art Committee of the Zhejiang Artists Association. He is also an expert member of Hebei Province Innovation Design Center.

Lecture Content

The purpose of microscopic photography is to capture the intricate details of what is invisible to the human eye, thereby establishing a bridge between macroscopic images and microscopic matter, which helps to discover the truth from subtleties. Based on the microscopic photography series, the development of industrial design is mapped, guided by interdisciplinary exchanges, and the new ideas of industrial design development are promoted through cross-border forces.

All are welcome.

School of Arts and Design

October 26, 2018

[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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