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Academic Report: Industrial Design Engineering Mathematics



Lecture: Industrial Design Engineering Mathematics

Speaker: Prof. Chen Xiangdong

Venue: Room A101, Art Gallery, West Campus

Date: Saturday, November 3, 2018

Time: 9:00-11:30

Speaker Introduction

Dr. Chen is a professor of Tianjin University of Technology. He received his BA degree at China University of Petroleum and MA and PhD degrees at Tianjin University of Technology respectively. He is a reviewer of the journal Industrial Design. He is also a Science and Technology Commissioner of Tianjin Education Bureau in Huayuan Industrial Park, Excellent Lecturer of Tianjin University of Technology. He presided over several projects at provincial and ministerial level and have dozens of papers published. His research Interests include: Mathematical modeling and optimization research, editing and writing of science and technology books

Lecture Content

The report will combine the knowledge of engineering mathematics theory and the methods and techniques for writing industrial design or scientific papers. Professor Chen will share his rich experience in reviewing and drafting industrial design papers, illustrating on two aspects: AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation. Analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation are the commonly used mathematical methods in design, and their features are simple and easy to use and have strong applicability. 1. Through the introduction of its principle and practical application, it can be mastered in practical applications. 2. The report will analyze the common mathematical problems in the papers, and improve our mathematical literacy. After the report, a Q&A session will be arranged to discuss some practical techniques relating to academic writing in the field of industrial design.

All are welcome.

The School of Arts and Design

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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