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Academic Report: Talent Management in the Reform Period



Lecture: Talent Management in the Reform

Speaker: Wang Liguo

Venue: Room B102, Teaching Building No.5, West Campus

Date: Saturday, November 17, 2018

Time: 14:00

Speaker Introduction

Mr. Wang Liguo received his BA from YSU, and MA from Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is honored the “Top Ten Alumni” of Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is a senior member of the Chinese Society of Applied Psychology, member of the Psychology Popularization Working Committee of the Chinese Psychological Association; senior partner of the Alliance PKU Management Consultants Ltd (APKUMC), General Manager of the Industry Center, Annual R&D contribution figures of APKUMC, Dean of APKUMC Consulting Model and Tools Research Institute; senior human resource manager, MBA Special Interviewer of Renmin University of China and North China Electric Power University); International Certified Psychometer, and Professional Planner.

Lecture Content

1. The past and present of talent management

1.1.The origin of talent management (history)

1.2 The concept of talent management

1.3 APKUMC's perspective on talent management

2. Talent Management Strategy Analysis

2.1 Big data analysis of talent management

2.2 Analysis of talent quantity

2.3 Talent quality analysis

2.4 Talent Management and Other Issues

3. Talent management strategy design

3.1 Competency assessment data and talent management

3.2 Personnel information and competency assessment information

3.3 Talent Management and Human Resource Management
4. “Three Axes” for Talent Management

4.1 Ability of Identification “Axe”

4.2 Ability of Assessment “Axe”
4.3 Ability of Development “Axe”

5. “Six Great Powers” in Talent Management

5.1 Recruitment and selection system

5.2 Training system

5.3 Leadership development system

5.4 Performance management system

5.5 Appointment management system

5.6 Talent echelon construction

6. The key to talent management
6.1 Analysis of key factors in the management of talent management

6.2 Common practices for talent management

6.3 Analysis of talent management cases

All are welcome.

[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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