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Academic Report: The Relationship between Canadian Human Life and Academic Development Model


Lecture: The Relationship between Canadian Human Life and Academic Development Model

Speaker: Dr. Di Liming

Venue: Room 309, Teaching Building No.4, East Campus

Date: Sunday, November 18, 2018

Time: 13:30

Speaker Introduction

Dr. Di Liming is an Associate Professor of YSU School of Vehicle and Energy. He is a SAE INTERNATIONAL MEMBER & REVIEWER, as well as the reviewer of National Natural Science Foundation, Ministry of Education Science and Technology Evaluation System, Enterprise Innovation Society Support Platform Patent Evaluation. He is a peer reviewer of the journal Car Technology, Journal of Chongqing Institute of Technology (Natural Science). His main research interests involve internal combustion engine and control, key components structural design and optimization and other related teaching & research work.

I. Customs procedures

1.1 Application for invitation letter to study abroad;

1.2 Visa application;

1.3. Procedures for registration;

1.4 Necessity of insurance and social security number

2. The academic visitor experience and the reflection on the research work

2.1 Windsor University;

2.2 Professional laboratory hardware and software resources; 3

2.3 Research content and academic exchange forms;

3. Canadian cultural environment

3.1 The living condition;

3.2 The special crowd living in apartment;

3.3 The characteristics of public transportation, parks and libraries in the city;

3.4 The reasons behind the volunteers and volunteering services;  

3.5 The characteristics of “Country on the wheel”;

3.6 “Wild animals” at home;

3.7. Certificate is required in all fields.

4. The causes of current national policies and mechanisms

All are welcome.

[Translated by Ni Rongzi]

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