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Academic Report: Input-output Technique and High-quality Economic Development


Lecture: Input-output Technique and High-quality Economic Development

Speaker: Prof. Song Hui

Venue: Room A218, Building of Economics and Management, West Campus

Date: Monday, December 17, 2018

Time: 15:30

Speaker Introduction

Prof. Song Hui got his Ph.D. degree in Management at Tianjin University, and he is now second-level researcher, Doctoral supervisor, dean of the Input-output and Big Data Research Institute of Hebei Province, and former Director of the Hebei Provincial Institute of Statistical Science. He has been awarded Special Allowance Expert by the State Council, young and middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Hebei Province, and Outstanding Scholars in Quantitative Economics in China. He is currently an honorary professor of the University of Sheffield, Vice President of the Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics, Vice Chairman of the China Input-Output Association, and Chairman of the Hebei Input-Output Association.

His research interests involve economics, statistics, data science, and input-output technique. “The management methodof enterprise input-output system” proposed by Song was approved by the leaders of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and the Provincial Government issued documents to promote it in large and medium-sized enterprises; his “industrial structure and department development system model technology” was identified as “international advanced level” by the Ministry of Science and Technology” and has been applied in many areas. He has presided over 33 international cooperation and domestic projects, published many monographs and more than 120 papers in domestic and foreign journals, and won 22 national and provincial awards.  

Lecture Content

Input-output technique, as an interdisciplinary subject, is an important part of economics, management science, and statistics, of which the production and promotion is a revolution in data science analysis. It can be used to study the quantitative dependence of the development of various sectors of the national economy, and to study the production and operation of industrial parks, enterprises or company products. It has now been applied in national economic development planning, industrial restructuring, policy simulation of finance, taxation and prices, research of ecology, energy and environment, enterprise product planning, quota, finance, supply chain, sales, human resources, product quality, process equipment, pollutant treatment among others. Chinese scholars have made a series of important achievements in the development of the theory and application of input-output technique.  

The high-quality economic development is essentially a systematic and dynamic integration concept, which is the comprehensive and coordinated process of economic, social and ecological development. With the help of big data, input-output technique can reflect the structural and cyclical nature of the system and solve the complex links of economic, social and ecological systems. According to China’s national conditions and the particularity of Hebei Province, the application of input-output technique can effectively provide scientific and practical quantitative analysis tools for macro and microeconomic high-quality development decisions.  

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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