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Academic Report: Legal Issues of Road Surveillance Cameras - A Perspective from Japanese Law


Lecture: Legal Issues of Road Surveillance Cameras - A Perspective from Japanese Law

Speaker: Prof. 星周一郎(ホシ シュウイチロウ)  

Venue: Room 108, Teaching Building No.4, East Campus,

Date: Saturday, September 21, 2019

Time: 14:00—16:00

Lecture Content

The legal issues related to the rapid development of road surveillance cameras have always attracted the attention of the academic community.

How is the relevant Japanese law prescribed for installing cameras on the road?

In the absence of crime, the installation and use of road surveillance cameras, what is the attitude of Japanese law?

In the case of crimes that have occurred, the collection of road surveillance videos and the use of evidence, what are the rules in Japan?

What is the rationale for installing surveillance cameras on the road?

How to regulate the ideal situation when installing surveillance cameras on the road?

Professor星周一郎(ホシ シュウイチロウ) of Tokyo Metropolitan University in Japan will conduct an academic discussion with teachers and students at our university.  

Speaker Introduction

Professor星周一郎(ホシ シュウイチロウ) is teaching at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Minister of Urban Liberal Arts, Dean of Law School, and a famous Japanese criminal scholar Maeda Masahiro. He is also a member of the Japan Judicial Examination Preparatory Examination Committee (2016-2017), the Japanese Police, Cyber Security Policy Committee (2017), the Japanese Supreme Court Clerk and other Examination Committee Temporary Committee members (2017), and the Japanese Judicial Examination Committee (2018) and other duties. As a researcher, he was studying at Columbia University. He is the author of “The Theory of Arson Crime”, “Protection of Cameras and Criminal Procedures”, “Criminal Proceedings of Criminal Procedure Law” among other books.  

All are welcome!

[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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