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Academic Report: Global Value Chains and Trade Benefits: Also on the Impact of Sino-US Trade Frictions


Lecture: Global Value Chains and Trade Benefits: Also on the Impact of Sino-US Trade Frictions

Speaker: Researcher Yang Cuihong

Venue: Room A218, No.5 Teaching Building, West Campus

Date: Saturday, December 7, 2019

Time: 10:30

Lecturer Introduction

Yang Cuihong received her PhD degree in Management from the Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is a researcher at the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a professor at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, a doctoral supervisor, and a recipient of the National Outstanding Youth Fund. She once served as the vice chairman of the International Input-Output Society, and is currently the executive vice-chairman of the China Input-Output Society. Her main research fields are input-output technology and economic forecasting, global value chains, macroeconomic analysis, energy and environmental analysis, etc. She has published more than 80 academic papers with some well-known journals such as Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Applied Energy, Economic Systems Research, Chinese Social Sciences, World Economy, Journal of Management Science, and Systems Engineering Theory and Practice. She also presided over a number of National Natural Science Foundation projects, key deployment projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and projects of the Ministry of Commerce among other awards.  

All are welcome.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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