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Academic Report: Discussion on Data in Data Science



Lecture: Discussion on Data in Data Science

Speaker: Prof. Zhu Yangyong

Venue: Room 109, No.4 Teaching Building, East Campus

Date: Friday, December 20, 2019

Time: 9:00

Lecturer Introduction

Prof. Zhu Yangyong Professor is a doctoral supervisor of School of Computer Science and Technology, Fudan University. He is also a Director of the Academic Committee of School of Computer Science and Technology, Fudan University, Director of Shanghai Key Laboratory of Data Science, Deputy Director of the Editorial Committee of “Big Data” Journal, Deputy Director of National Engineering Experiment of Big Data Collaborative Security Office, Deputy Director of the National Defense Big Data Special Committee of the Chinese Society of Automation, the first batch of experts of the Big Data Expert Committee of the Chinese Computer Society, Vice Chairman and Chief Scientist of the Agricultural Big Data Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance, and Shanghai Big Data Expert.

Lecture Content

Before 2012, information, information technology, information industry, and information science were widely used; starting in 2012, the terms data, data technology, data industry, and data science began to be widely used. Among them, “big data” played a key role. Big data has three connotations: data, technology, and application, the hidden value of data, the value of technology discovery, and the value of application realization. Because data and applications cover all fields and industries, big data has a huge impact on almost all areas. This report begins with the definition of data, the nature of data, and scientific issues in the data world. It explores the connotation, origin, and development of data science. It systematically introduces data, the data world, big data, data resources and assets, data autonomy, and data body.

All are welcome.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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