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Prof. Nishida of Hiroshima University, Japanvisited YSU




News from News Center】 Prof. Nishida from Hiroshima University visited YSU on the morning of Mar. 27th. YSU Vice Presidents Xiangdong Kong and Dingxuan Zhao, as well as faculty and students of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering had a conference with Professor Nishida.

    At the Conference, YSU Vice President Xiangdong Kong welcomed Professor Nishida, introduced YSU, and expressed his wishes to carry out in-depth cooperation with Hiroshima University in terms of joint-education and exchanges, and scientific research.  Jing Yao,  Head of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, introduced the department history, student training, main research directions andachievements. Then, Professor Nishida introduced Hiroshima University, highly praised YSU graduate students as exchange students in Hiroshima University, and expressed his intention torecruit more graduate students from YSU.  


YSU Vice President XiangdongKong is addressing the welcome speech.



ProfessorNishida is introducing Hiroshima University.


The Conference

After the conference, Professor Nishida gave an academic report entitled Research on Measurement of Diesel Mixture Based on Tracer LAS Method. Hongliang Luo, an YSU Ph.D.student majoring in Fluid Transmission and Control and doing his research in Hiroshima University, gave an academic report entitled Direct Injection Gasoline Spray Impingement and Oil Film Forming Mechanism and then introduced the enrollment plan of Hiroshima University in 2018. Professor Nishida and Dr. Luo interacted with teachers andstudents at the conference, and answered their questions.



Professor Nishidais giving an academic report.

(The photos areprovided by School of Mechanical Engineering)

Located in Hiroshima-ken, Japan, Hiroshima University, one national university in Japan, has been one of the sister schoolsof YSU. In 1949, Hiroshima University merged Hiroshima Normal University, Hiroshima Youth Normal School and Hiroshima Polytechnic School, and added many departments, including: the Integrated Engineering, Science, Literature, Education, Law, Economics, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biological Production, thus becoming one of the few comprehensive universities in Japan.  

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