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The first “YSU Star” Campus Ambassador selection just ended


[News from News Center] At 7:00p.m. on Apr. 8th, the final selection of the first “YSU Star” Campus Ambassador, themed by “Beautiful as Autumn Chrysanthemum, Young as Spring Pine”,was held in 109, Student Activity Center, East Campus. Attending the contest were Jinpeng Qiu, member of Chinese Ballad Singers Association and Chairman of China Drum Research Association; Xida Li, Secretary of YSU Youth League Committee;and Zhang Yang, Deputy Secretary of YSU Youth League Committee. After three parts,Yi Yang from School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics and Huilin Jia fromSchool of Humanities and Law won the champion of boys’ group, while Dongxue Wu from School of Vehicle and Energy won the champion of girls’ group.


Top10 performers

Starting from Mar. 11th,the top 10 performers emerged after mass audition, preliminary contest andquarter final to enter into the final. In the first part, the 10 performersbrought the audience an audio-visual feast of song with dance, dance drama,Guzheng (ancient Chinese musical instrument) performance, traditional Chinesepainting performance and erhu performance. Combining beautiful dance with singing, Dream Teller by Mingyang Wu and Dongxue Wu sent the two competitors directly to the third part of the final. Music of the Night by Shiqi Wang andZhaofan Guo pushed the night into a climax.

It is worth mentioning that YSU666 performed by shiqi Wang was composed by Mr. Qiujian Xu from School of Arts and Design and his students. By introducing the beautiful sceneries of YSU campus, the song expresses the singer’s appreciation and respect for YSU. Sentimental Lanling by Yi Yang, Huilin Jia and Ying He won a prolonged applause withbeautiful singing and difficult somersaults.


Song with dance: DreamTeller



Dance: Not in Pairs

Song with Dance: Sentimental Lanling



Dance: News girl inthe Morning

(Theabove photos are provided by YSU Youth League Committee.)

In the second part, the intense competition and interesting questions, covering humanity, geography, science,economy, society, politics and history of YSU, the Youth League Committee andthe Party, aroused passion of the audience.

After the first two parts, 6 players entered into the last part of the final. With run ways how and hot dance, Dongxue Wu rocked the room. Old Dream by Yi Yang andHuilin Jia won a lot of cheers with clear singing and swift dance moves.Finally, the two groups co-won the champion of the contest.   

Hosted by YSU Youth League Committee and undertaken by YSU Students’ Union, the activity invigorated campus culture and enriched students’ campus life. Meanwhile, the Campus Ambassador selected represent YSU campus culture and show the style of YSU students.


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