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Fluid Power Transmission and Control Laboratory Open Day


[News from News Center] Between May 27th and 28th, Fluid Power Transmission and Control Laboratory (Hydraulic Laboratory) with the School of Mechanical Engineering had an Open Day. Party Secretary Weidong Meng, President Hongmin Liu, Vice Presidents Xiangdong Kong, Yongsheng Zhao, Sheng Huang, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Heads of departments, Directors of the lab visited the lab. The Open Day attracted 600 people, including: YSU teachers and students, retired faculty, technical staff from Qinhuangdao enterprises, and primary and middle school students.



Weidong Meng, Xiangdong Kong, Sheng Huang and other YSU leaders are checking out Three Degrees of Freedom and Stable Platform.


President Liu is watching Ultra - High Pressure Hydraulic Test Bed.






Vice President Yongsheng Zhao is watching Hydraulic Components Disassembling Test Bed.


Retired Prof. Yiqun Wang is looking at One-Piece Hydraulic Cylinder Drive Experimental Device.


Students are watching Mechanical and Electrical Integration of Pneumatic Experimental Platform.

(The photos are provided by the School of Mechanical Engineering.)

The Open Day was designated to deepen a new model of Engineering Education in line with international standards. Undergraduates and graduates learn about hydraulic pressure, potential careers and research fields after graduation so that they can make learning plans accordingly. The lab also introduced basic information of Hydraulic technology to students of other majors (including literature and arts) to motivate multi-disciplinary balanced development. Visitors from Primary school got the chance to experience Machinery Manufacturing, Hydraulic System, Engineering Machinery, and other concepts.

It is planned that Fluid Power Transmission and Control Laboratory Open Day will be held at least once a semester. More advanced technology and typical cases of engineering applications will be added in more vivid presentations, which will provide a full range of experiences to visitors.  


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