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YSU Held ESI Symposium




[News from News Center] On June 1st afternoon, ESI Discipline Development Symposium, hosted by Chunhai Hu, Director of Higher Education Development Center, was held in Conference Room1910, the Century Building. President Hongmin Liu, Vice Presidents Fucheng Zhang, Shenghuang and Dingxuan Zhao attended this symposium, together with directors of Graduate School, Science and Technology Office, Social Science Office, Human Resources, Financial Department, YSULibrary, and 13 schools.

The symposium

Director Chunhai Hu introduced the symposium and gave a report entitled The Analysis and Reflection of YSU ESI Discipline Construction which systematically analyzed and summarized ESI general situation, ESI application at home and abroad, ESI at mainland universities, and ESI at YSU; and proposed some suggestions. Participants had deep exchange and heated discussion on how to strengthen ESI construction at YSU.

Director Chunhai Hu is hosting the symposium and giving a report.

Vice President Sheng Huang pointed out that ESI evaluation was regarded an important standard by the government, universities and third-party organizations; and YSU should fully recognize the importance and urgency of ESI construction. It needs individual schools to take responsibility and related schools to work together. YSU needs to formulate related rules and regulations to ensure the stable growth of the indexes of engineering, materials science, and chemistry.

Vice President Sheng Huang is addressing the symposium.

Vice President Dingxuan Zhao stated that YSU is relatively weak on discipline scale and the number of doctoral candidates is small. He suggested that YSU strengthen ESI construction in terms of research of ESI development and hot topics, application and participation of national programs, cultivation of top scientific achievement, and introduction of high-level talents.



Vice President Dingxuan Zhao is addressing the symposium.

Vice President Fucheng Zhang indicated that YSU should make full use of resources to forge one or two disciplines ranking ESI top 0.1%. To achieve this goal, he suggested that YSU lean toward such disciplines in terms of graduate quota distribution, introduction of high-level talents, and optimization and adjustment of disciplines and majors.

Vice President Fucheng Zhang is addressing the symposium.

At last, President Hongmin Liu approved of the report by Higher Education Development Center, and suggestions proposed. He gave 8 requirements on promoting ESI construction: focusing on research development and hot topics, releasing ESI periodicals to guide teacherssubmission of papers, modifying publication rewarding policy to improve high-level achievement output, emphasizing each school’s responsibility of ESI construction, recruiting more teachers (especially high-level talents), supporting engineering and materials science to forge one or two disciplines ranking ESI top 0.1%, making plans for disciplines and majors adjustment by each school, and establishing a comprehensive view to guarantee the balance between teaching and research, research and application.

President Hongmin Liu is addressing the symposium.

(Photographer: Yang An from News Center)

This symposium reached a consensus which will boost ESI development at YSU. 

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