Zhongwen He, Director of National Defense Development Research Center of CSSC Visited YSU-Yanshan University


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Zhongwen He, Director of National Defense Development Research Center of CSSC Visited YSU


[News from News Center] In the morning of June 5th, Zhongwen He, Director of National Defense Development Research Center of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) visited YSU and gave a report entitled Smart Ocean Project and Its Development. Attending the conference were President Hongmin Liu; Vice President Xiangdong Kong, Dingxuan Zhao; and experts, teachers and graduates from Scientific Research Office, Academic Affairs Office, Social Science Office, Graduate School, and Higher Education Center.


The conference

Vice President Dingxuan Zhao is hosting the conference.

Vice President Xiangdong Kong is giving a speech.

Vice President Dingxuan Zhao hosted the conference; Vice President Xiangdong Kong gave a welcome speech, extending a warm welcome to Director He. Vice President Kong addressed that, as China is strengthening its marine power, YSU is adjusting relevant disciplines according to national strategies; and that the report of Smart Ocean Project would guide YSU. He also introduced YSU, and development and planning of national defense research.

Zhongwen He is giving a report.

Zhongwen He gave a detailed introduction of Smart Ocean. Smart Ocean means that, based on marine data collection and transmission system and supported by the autonomous, safe and controllable Marine Cloud environment, maritime rights and interests, management and control, and exploitation are integrated systematically, and Big Data technology of industry and Internet are applied for the purpose of distribution of marine resources, coordination of marine activities, and exploration of new demands and new values, which is management of the ocean with wisdom. He emphasized that we should attach equal importance to both hardware and software construction, strengthen marine informationization, resolve marine data issues comprehensively, in order to improve the capacity of exploiting and managing the ocean.  He said that weakness still exists in marine equipment, especially the mechanical and electrical parts and sensors applied in marine environment. YSU is expected to make a breakthrough in the area.

President Hongmin Liu is giving a speech

(The photos were photographed by Yujing Chu, News Center)

On behalf of YSU, President Hongmin Liu expressed his gratitude to Zhongwen He for his excellent report. President Liu concluded that the report provided valuable advice on the development of ocean engineering, and that relevant schools and departments should make full use of it and shift the focus to the ocean. YSU will explore new fields and new disciplines in terms of ocean engineering equipment and materials, marine monitoring and communication, and marine data collection and application so as to promote the transformation and upgrade of disciplines, and contribute to Smart Ocean construction.


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