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YSU Scored High in 7th National College Student “Innovation, Originality and Entrepreneurship” Challenge


[News from News Center] On June 3rd, the final of 7th National College Student “Innovation, Originality and Entrepreneurship” Challenge of Hebei Division was held at Hebei University of Technology. YSU students won 2 Outstanding Awards, 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes, and 5 third prizes; and YSU won Outstanding Organization Award; which was the best score since YSU started to compete in the Challenge. The Outstanding-Award works will enter into the national final contest.

The credentials

Outstanding Organization Awards are awarded.

(The photos are provided by School of Economics and Management.)

As a crucial part of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for YSU, the Challenge was supported by Academic Affairs Office and School of Economics and Management. In addition, the Department of E-commerce of School of Economics and Management gave professional and systematical instruction and training to the participants, which highly improved the quality of the works. Finally 30 teams of 120 students of YSU participated in the contest and 12 works were selected into provincial contest. After intense competition, 5 works entered into the roadshow defense in the provincial contest. In this part, our students cooperated closely with each other, showing YSU spirit. Their excellent performance illustrated innovative thinking, rich knowledge, theory application, and teamwork spirit, thus won praises from the judges.

The Challenge, an A-level contest recognized by YSU, aims to arouse college students’ interest and potentials, to cultivate their consciousness of innovation, originality and entrepreneurship, and to improve collaboration skills. The Challenge is a state-level contest directed by the Ministry of Education and the Guiding Committee of E-commerce Teaching in Vocational Higher Education; and organized by the Challenge Organization Committee, national final organizers, and provincial trials organizers. Themed by E-commerce of agriculture, E-commerce of logistics, and mobile E-commerce, the Challenge attracted 5000 students from 20 colleges including Hebei University of Technology and Hebei University.


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