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YSU Overseas Students on News Media




[News from News Center] On June 6th, People’s Daily and People’s Daily Overseas Edition published photos of YSU overseas students from Belt and Road countries experiencing Chinese traditional culture in Yanda Xiyuan Community. The next day, Guangming Daily, Workers’ Daily, and Qinhuangdao Evening News also covered this activity.





22nd page of People’s Daily on June 6th



3rd page of People’s Daily Overseas Edition on June 6th




3rd page of Guangming Daily on June 6th


(The photos are provided by College of International Education.)

At 4 pm on June 5th, YSU overseas students from Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, and Tajikistan came to Yanda Xiyuan community to experience Chinese traditional culture. The residents taught them Chinese Calligraphy and paper-cutting, and the students observed and learned carefully in a harmonious atmosphere. This activity improved the friendship between the residents and overseas students. 

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