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YSU Vice President Sheng Huang gave Pakistani Students a lecture on China’s Foreign Policy



On the afternoon of June 10th, Vice President Huang was invited to attend the public forum at MPA Education Center of School of Humanities and Law, and give a lecture on China’s foreign policy to YSU Pakistan students.

Vice Present Huang is giving the lecture.

To promote YSU internationalization the "Belt and Road" Initiative, YSU constantly strengthens the training and service of overseas students. The activity was organized by voluntary organizations---“Rainbow Plan”and MPA Education Center of School of Humanities and Law. Vice President Huang was invited to give a special lecture The Development of China's Foreign Policy and Sino-Pakistani Relations in This Context in English. From the perspective of historical development and from whole to parts, Huang introduced foreign policy of the world and Asia, including East Asia, South Asia and Central Asia since the foundation of new China. He also emphasized the importance of Sino-Pakistani relations in this context. Huang 's profound research ideas and wonderful speech were warmly welcomed by Pakistan students and all Chinese teachers and students. 


80 Pakistan students supported by Government Scholarship came to China last year to learn Chinese language and culture, and they are expected to serve various jobs of the “Belt and Road” Initiative and “Sino-Pakistani Economic Corridor” after graduation. They will be the ties and friendship ambassadors between the two governments and peoples in the future. The original purpose of Rainbow Plan”was to make the Pakistan students feel the goodwill and support of Chinese people. Supported by School of International Education and YSU Youth League Committee, Rainbow Plan”has organized many activities successfully. Vice President Huang accepted the invitation with pleasure and prepared an English lecture to support the plan. After receiving his Ph.D. in Public Administration from Tsinghua University, Huang studied as a visiting researcher at Syracuse University, the University of Minnesota in the United States, and the University of Warsaw in Poland. He does research on international relations, thus provided a high-level cultural lecture for the Pakistan students and all Chinese students and teachers.




Group photo of Vice President Huang, Chinese teachers, and Pakistani students

(The photos are provided by School of Humanities and Law.)

This activity was hosted by Wenchao Jiang, the founder of the Rainbow Plan. Pakistan students, Chinese teachers and students working for the “Rainbow plan”, and some teachers of the School of International Education and the School of Humanities and Law attended the lecture.


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