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YSU Held the Opening Ceremony of QHD College Entrepreneurs Training Camp


[News from News Center] on June 18th, the Opening Ceremony of 2017 QHD College Entrepreneurs Training Camp was held at the Activity Center, East Campus. 30 teams from QHD colleges attended the Ceremony.

The Ceremony is jointly sponsored by the Leading Group Office for Talents (LGOT) of QHD Municipal Committee of CPC and QHD Committee of Chinese Communist Youth League (CCYL), hosted by YSU Maker Base, and assisted by Maker space of Liren College. a total of 170 people attended the ceremony, including: Zhiyi Li, Deputy Minister of the Department of Organization of QHD Municipal Committee of CPC and Director of LGOT; Huimin Yuan, Secretary of QHD Committee of CCYL; Xuesong Liu, Vice Secretary of QHD Committee of CCYL; Sheng Huang, YSU Vice President; members of CCYL; enterprise tutors; entrepreneurial teams; reporters from Xinhua News Agency,,, and provincial and municipal news media.


The Opening Ceremony

Xuesong Liu hosted the ceremony and introduced the overall arrangements of the Camp. YSU Vice President Huang addressed the ceremony. Zhiyi Li and Huimin Yuan, awarded YSU Maker Base as “QHD Demonstration Base for Young Entrepreneurs Training” and “QHD Innovation Incubation Base for Young Entrepreneurs”. The leaders issued letters of appointment to entrepreneurship mentors. Li, in his speech, encouraged the relevant sectors to deeply improve entrepreneurship service for young students. Baodong Shi, partner of Qichao New OTC institute, Investment Director of Beijing Zhongxinhuigu Technology Industry Co. Ltd., SYB entrepreneurial trainer of Ministry of HRSS, KAB trainer for college students, and practice-oriented entrepreneurial guidance expert, was invited to the ceremony to give a lecture entitled Entrepreneurship Programs---FAQs and Guidance, which marked the opening of the Camp. At last, the leaders visited YSU Maker Base and Liren Maker space, and gave credit to YSU Demonstration Base.


On behalf of YSU, Vice President Sheng Huang is awarded.


The leaders are presenting letters of appointment to entrepreneurship mentors.



Baodong Shi is giving the lecture.

(The photos are provided by Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center of National College High-tech Park)

Featuring one-on-one guidance by entrepreneurship mentors, the Camp will hold seminars on entrepreneurship improvement, capital operation, and investment analysis. Business elites, experts, and entrepreneurs will be invited to give lectures and to share experiences and resources, building a platform for college students to communicate and cooperate. The camp will organize mentors and investment organizations to present road show programs which will be awarded by judges with first, second and third prizes. It will also help teams customize their programs, and bridge investors and entrepreneurs to facilitate the implementation of programs.

YSU has been focused on innovation and entrepreneurship training for several years. YSU Maker Base was established in 2015 as an entrepreneurship platform for college students and young entrepreneurs. In the context of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional development, the Camp aims to create an atmosphere for innovations, realize the potential of young students, and to give a full play to YSU Maker Base as a Demonstration Base training young entrepreneurs.


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