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YSU hosted 2017 “Most Beautiful Notes” Donation Ceremony



(News from News Center) At 4:00 pm, June 19th, the 1stMost Beautiful Notes” Donation Ceremony, which was the opening session of Commemorative Fold Ceremony, was held in the library hall. YSU Vice President Wanyu Sheng, Director of Student Affairs Office Mingli Zhang, Director of the Archives and Alumni Office Honglei Sun, Dean of Liren College Hongbin Wang, and the members of library leadership attended the ceremony hosted by the Library Curator Huijian Li. The top 2 students from each YSU school on the list of students borrowing most books, and students who donated notes were present.




The ceremony (Photographer: Dongfan Wang)

At the ceremony, Vice President Sheng gave her best wishes to class of 2017. She hoped that the ceremony which records students’ hard work in the library could arouse students’ memory and boost their reading enthusiasm. At the same time, she expressed her appreciation of collection of “the most beautiful notes” which shows YSU students’ respect for and their pursuit of knowledge. She had an agreement with students: keep good learning habits and never “graduate” from reading.No matter where they will be and what they will do tomorrow, students should spread positive energy through reading and inherit YSU spirit. YSU is expecting good news from class of 2017. The year 2020 is the 100th anniversary of YSU, and class of 2017 are expected to have a reunion at YSU.  

The leaders and guests presented commemorative folds, contact card, and books to the top 2 students from each YSU school on the list of students borrowing most books, and awarded the students who donated “the most beautiful notes” certificates and exquisite souvenirs.

Leaders and guests are giving certificates and souvenirs to the winner of “the most beautiful notes”. (Photographer: Dongfan Wang)

Vice President Wanyu Sheng is looking through “the most beautiful notes”. (Photographer: Bowen Ma)

On June 20th, YSU will give commemorative fold and contact cards to class of 2017, including bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctoral degree graduates.

The Commemorative Fold Activity is an emotional gift and lasting care to graduates in the form of data language. It has been popular with students since three years ago when it was first launched. YSU library kept the folds of the top 10 students who borrowed most books in 2015 and 2016. The library will continue to exhibit folds and collect records, playing its role in education.

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