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YSU Academic Degree Authorization Assessment 2017



[News from News Center] On June 21st and 22nd,YSU Discipline Construction Committee held two conferences for 2017 assessment of Doctoral and Master degree authorization. The conferences were hosted by Fucheng Zhang, Director of the Committee. 



The conference



Yingping Guan is introducing the progress.

Yingping Guan, Deputy Director introduced the assessment and the conference agenda. Disciplines to apply for the authorization gave their reports, and the members of the Committee, after evaluation and discussion, voted on their qualifications.



Fucheng Zhang is summarizing the conference.


The photos are provided by Hongwei Gong, Graduate School

In his summary, Fucheng Zhang emphasized that application materials should be further perfected. He also proposed suggestions that YSU colleges focus on the research direction, long-term prospects, and interdisciplinary integration. YSU will apply for the authorization of 6 first-level discipline Doctoral degrees, 1 Professional Doctoral degree in Engineering, 6 first-level discipline Master degrees, and 2 professional Master degrees. They all passed the assessment and will file their applications in accordance with relevant policies of Hebei Province.

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