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Delegation of Hebei University of Economics and Business



[News from News Center] On June 26th, HUEB delegation, led by Zhaowei Dong, Secretary of the CPC Committee of HUEB; Lianggang Ji, President of HUEB; and Zhenguo Chai, Vice President of HUEB; visited YSU. Secretary of the CPC Committee of YSU Weidong Meng, President Hongmin Liu, and Vice President Wanyu Sheng welcomed the guests and had a conference in the first reception room in the Century Building. 



The conference



Weidong Meng is addressing the conference.



Zhaowei Dong is addressing the conference.

Weidong Meng welcomed the guests, and said that the two parties, faced with the pressure from the shortage of talents and capital, should actively communicate with and learn from each other. Zhaowei Dong stated that YSU experience in “Double First-Rate” construction is valuable, and that the two parties should enhance communication.




Hongmin Liu is addressing the conference.



Lianggang Ji is addressing the conference.



Wanyu Sheng is addressing the conference.

(The photos are photographed by Yang An, a student reporter from News Center)

The conference focused on "Double First-rate" construction, the introduction of talents and the incentive policy for school talents, the two-level (YSU and YSU colleges) financial management. YSU leaders introduced "Double First-Rate" plan, personnel training policy, and administrative management in details.

Weidong Meng introduced "Double First-Rate" construction from three aspects: strengthening discipline construction, introducing talents, and adjusting scientific research directions. He also said that YSU would add incentive policies, provide research platforms, and develop training programs to strengthen the loyalty of excellent faculty and researchers.

The two parties had a discussion on scientific fund management, teacher assessment, and cadres training.


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