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Shanghai YSU (NHMI) Alumni Association held its Election Conference



[News from News Center]: Shanghai YSU Northeast Heavy Machinery Institute (NHMI)Alumni Association held its Election Conference on June 18th. YSU President Hongmin Liu and Vice President Xiangdong Kong attended the conference.

Founded in May, 2006, Shanghai YSU NHMIAlumni Association is the headquarters for Shanghai YSUers. With the concept of “friendship-communication-cooperation-inheritance” and under the leadership of the association council represented by Counsellor Yachen Lü and Secretary Zhonghai Yu, Shanghai Alumni Association has done a lot in uniting alumni, sharing information, promoting YSU and its development. Shanghai association, a bridge to connect YSU, alumni and local regions, and home for Shanghai YSUers, organized many activities and 3 large alumni parties.

Bo Chen is hosting the Election Conference.

Yachen Lü is giving a speech.

Zhonghai Yu is making a summary.

The conference was hosted by Vice Counsellor Bo Chen. Yachen Lü introduced the history and development of the association. Zhonghai Yu made a summary of the activities the association has organized. After that, following the election methods, 46 council members and 16 executive council members were selected. Then, the new council selected the new leadership: Honorary Counsellor Yachen Lü and Feng Gao; Counsellor Zhonghai Yu; Executive Counsellor Bo Chen; Vice Counsellors Xinping Guan, Chunhui Gan, Xiaojian Wang (also serveing as Supervisor), Yongzhong Tao, Bing Wang; Secretary Lihong Jiang; Deputy Secretary General Zhiliang Sun, Yuan Cao, Dapeng Zhu, Yan Cai. Zhonghai Yu, the Counsellor elected said that, the titles did not mean power, but responsibility. The council members would work hard to connect YSU alumni and serve YSU and the society.

YSU President Hongmin Liu is giving a speech.

President Liu was invited to give a speech. He praised what the association has done, and introduced the major achievements and future expectations of YSU. Besides, he also extended his gratitude to all the alumni for their support to YSU. He gave 3 expectations to the new leadership of the association. Firstly, the association needs to help alumni to promote themselves. He pointed out that the alumni association is an organization based on the tie of YSU alumni, alumnis development and benefits. YSU alumni in Shanghai need the association to support each other and co-develop. Secondly, the association needs to lead Shanghai alumni, especially young alumni to contribute to Shanghai development in terms of economy, society, culture and environment, revealing the pioneer spirit of YSU. Thirdly, the association needs to serve and keep contact with YSU. Alumni are like the name cards of YSU, while YSU is the sign for all alumni. YSU will continue the all-round alumni development pattern, which is YSU making overall arrangements, departments coordinating with each parts, schools combining with each other, local alumni associations interacting with each other, and faculty and student body participating in the process.  YSU will work hard to build a network for alumni and make full of the internet to invigorate the alumni work.

YSU Vice President Xiangdong Kong granted the name brand to Shanghai YSU (NHMI) Alumni Association. 

(The photos are provided by YSU archives)

Xiangdong Kong granted name brand to Shanghai YSU (NHMI) Alumni Association. He thanked Zhiliang Sun, founder of V+space, for his generosity to provide the venue for the association. At dinner, Kong gave an impressive toast and sang a famous Chinese song Father for it happened to be the Father’s day, pushing the dinner to climax.

300 Shanghai alumni attended the conference and took group photos at the end. To support the conference, Jingsong Zhao, Honorary Counsellor of Guangzhou Alumni Association; Qun Wei, Vice Counsellor of Shenzhen Alumni Association; Weiying Jin, and Deputy Secretary of Beijing Alumni Association; attended the conference. Other alumni associations also made calls or wrote letters to congratulate. Yingping Guan, Dean of Graduate School, Tieshi Zhao, Dean of Science and Technology Research Center, Dianfan Zhang, Director of YSU High-tech Park, Honglei Sun, Director of Archives and Director of Alumni Office also attended the conference.


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