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2 entries by YSU won First Prize of “the 7th Shiyou Cup College Television Award”



[News from News Center] The Award Ceremony of the 7thShiyou Cup College Television Award was held in Shandong University on Jul. 7th. More than 100 delegates from more than 90 colleges and universities attended the ceremony. Two entries produced and submitted by YSU television, "The Most Beautiful YSU Person — ­A Special Membership Dues" and "Flying Swallow" respectively won the First Prize in news categories and the First Prize in thematic categories. Besides, other 9 entries won two Second Prizes, and 7 Third Prizes. This is the first time YSU has won First Prize in this event, and the best achievements over the years.



The credentials

Since 2011, the Chinese College Television Award has been launched annually. The 7th College Television Award was sponsored by the College Television Specialized Committee of the China Education Television Association, and organized by Shandong University. A total of 734 excellent entries from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Communication University of China, YSU and other nearly 100 colleges and universities were received, which was the largest number in history.The works were classified into 7 categories: news, special subject, image, documentary, variety, micro film, and teaching. And these entries were all TV programs officially broadcast in college television station from Jul. 2016 to Jun. 2017.

Subordinated to China Education Television, guided by Ministry of Education, China Education Television Association was founded in 1994. Its 100 committee members are college television stations, audio-visual teaching institutions, and television teaching institutions. It is a communication and learning platform for college television workers and educators. The current Deputy Directing Units are 5 colleges including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiao Tong University and others, and its Secretariat Unit Is located in Peking University.

Subordinated to News Center of YSU Party Committee Publicity Department, YSU Television Station had produced nearly 700 episodes of "YSU News" since its formal launch in 2001. Its programs include "Listen to You " , " Zero Distance to News " , "Campus Public Service Advertising" and other television columns; "YSU Promo", Pakistani students at YSU, Dont Say Goodbye — to 2017 Graduates, Chengdu, YSU Version and other works. Besides, it has also undertaken the shooting of YSU major events and YSU promo, and other video documentaries. In recent years, YSU Television Station has been innovating in terms of column setting, thematic planning, in-depth reporting and other aspects on the basis of ensuring the quality of the program. Over the years, YSU has not only finished its regular work, but also helped school departments make video materials on teaching reform, scientific research, game reporting, project summary, conference, and provided technical services. Thus, YSU Television Station is a window for internal and external publicity.

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