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YSU Won Awards in CCCC2017



[News from News Center] During the summer vacation, the 10th Chinese Collegiate Computing Competition (CCCC2017) finals---regular group, micro-class and teaching assistance group of Digital Media Design were held in Chengdu and Hefei respectively.

From July 17th to 21th, over 600 college students in 247 teams from 131 universities of 25 provinces and cities nationwide, gathered in Chengdu Medical College for creative competition with their 215 works. From August 6th to 10th, a thousand students from 184 colleges took 444 works to AnHui Xinhua Institute for intensive competition. After fierce competition, 4 works by YSU educational technology majors under the guidance of Yang Yu, a teacher from School of Information Science and Engineering, were awarded 2 national second prizes and 2 national third prizes.

Organized by the Department of Educational Technology and supported by YSU Academic Affairs Office and School of Information and Engineering, the team of 12 students entered into provincial match in May and won 2 provincial first prizes and 2 provincial second prizes, thus qualified for national competition.  In the final, "Two-dimensional Life" by Shuhua Wang, Han Yan, Yuchen Wang won the national second prize of the regular group of digital media design; "Love Sickness" by Jiaojiao Liu, Lanlan Feng, Xiaotong Wang won the national second prize in the micro-class and teaching assistance group on Chinese language and literature; "Traveling the World in Minutes" by He Li, Yilu Wang, and Huan Zhou won the national third prize in the micro-class and teaching assistance group on computer fundamentals and application; "Summer Quatrains" by Yanan Li, Yifan Gao, and Fei Sun won the national third prize in the micro-class and teaching assistance group on Chinese language and literature.




Students of CCCC2017 regular group with their advisor



Students of CCCC2017 micro-class and teaching assistance group with their advisors


CCCC, one of the most influential events for Chinese college students, has been held annually for 9 years consecutively. Based on the principle of openness, fairness and impartiality, the competition is carried out in three levels—college level, provincial level, and national level (final). After the competition, the works would be exhibited. This competition greatly stimulated students’ potential and interest in learning computer knowledge and skills, which would enhance their competence by using information technology to solve practical problems, and increase their sense of teamwork and innovation. The competition, a stage for students to present themselves, also provides a platform for mutual learning and improvement between universities, which deepens the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education.

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