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YSU Scored High Again in 12th NXP Cup National University Students Intelligent Car Race



[News from News Center] From August 23rd to 26th, the final of 12th NXP Cup National University Students Intelligent Car Race was held in Changshu Institute of Technology. After tense competition, YSU delegation organized by School of Electrical Engineering won 1 state-level First Prize, 1 state-level Second Prize, 3 provincial (North China district) First Prizes, and 2 provincial (North China district) Second Prizes. Photoelectric four-wheel group ranked 3rd in the national final, which is the best record YSU has had. 2737 teams from 476 universities participated in the races in co-host districts, among which 356 teams entered into the national final. 5 delegations from YSU passed the preliminary round in North China district, and 2 of which participated in the national final.

Group photo in national final

Photoelectric four-wheel group is starting the car.


NXP Cup National University Students Intelligent Car Race is an innovative science & technology competition with intelligent cars as research objects, which is initiated by Ministry of Education and sponsored by Automation Specialty Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education. As one of science & technology competitions for university student initiated by the Ministry of Education, the race, open to all Chinese university students, is an exploratory activity in engineering. This years race has the characteristics of great scale and high difficulty. The organizing committee emphasized the racing theme of Focus on talents training and participation, encourage exploration, and strive for excellence, and pursued the progress of innovation and entrepreneurial ability.

The race was actively supported by YSU school leaders and relevant departments. Students worked energetically and prepared vigorously for a whole year, and finally gained high distinction. This race strengthened students ability of operation, creative-thinking, and teamwork, and revealed elegant demeanor of YSU teachers and students.

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