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YSU Held Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation Agreement of Family Trial Project with Qinhuangdao Municipal Intermediate People’s Court



[News from News Center] On Nov. 8th morning, YSU held signing ceremony for strategic cooperation agreement of Family Trial Project with Qinhuangdao Municipal Intermediate People’s Court at the first reception room, Century Building. Many leaders attended the ceremony including Qinhuangdao Municipal Intermediate People’s Court President and Secretary of Party Leadership Group Huajun Hu, Vice President Aibin Zhao, Deputy Director of Political Department Jun Gan, and YSU President Hongmin Liu, Vice President Sheng Huang, Director of Higher Education Development Research Center Chunhai Hu, Deputy Director of Student Affairs Office Lei Duan, and Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office Jing Wang. The ceremony was hosted by Director of YSU President’s Office Hongbo Li.

The ceremony

(Photographed by Haijie Zhou)

Sheng Huang is addressing welcome speech. (Photographed by Qiaoyi Cai)

Sheng Huang addressed the welcome speech. He extended warm welcome to the leaders from Qinhuangdao Municipal Intermediate People’s Court and introduced YSU history, especially the Mental Health Service Center. Huang said, “The reform of family trial mode and working mechanism is the Qinhuangdao state-level pilot reform. Thus, YSU is deeply honored to have the chance to participate in this work, and serve the local economic and social development. YSU will actively participate in promoting the integrated mechanism for settling family disputes, give full play to the advantages of the discipline, and apply the research experience and achievements of psychology and management to the judicial practice of family trials. With all these efforts, we will push forward the development of work of family trial, and help to form a sound situation of multi-participation and Industry-University-Research Cooperation.”

Aibin Zhao is delivering a speech. (Photographed by Qiaoyi Cai)

Aibin Zhao introduced the background and significance of the cooperation between two parties. Zhao said, “Qinhuangdao Municipal Intermediate People’s Court was identified as the trial court for the reform of family trials by the Supreme People’s Court of PRC in April 2016. Lately, our court shared experience as a pilot at the Joint Conference on Family Trial Reform, and ‘Qinhuangdao Mode’ of family trial had been promoted in Hebei. Family trial reform is an important part of the comprehensive reform of judicial system, and it is significant according to the guidelines concerning the modernization of governance system and capability from the 19th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China. YSU has abundant theoretical and practical experience in the field of law theory and psychology research. The cooperation today is a new breakthrough to establish the teaching base of legal practice, and a beneficial practice to construct 10 psychological guidance mechanisms including family trial mechanism on the basis of existing cooperation.”

Huajun Hu is delivering a speech. (Photo by Qiaoyi Cai)

Huajun Hu said, “Family trial reform is a systematic social project, and it is difficult to achieve the results only by the effort of court. It needs multi-sectoral collaboration and multiple-system linkage, especially to solve the professional problems in the family trial reform with the help of professional force.”

Hongmin Liu is delivering a speech. (Photo by Qiaoyi Cai)

YSU President Hongmin Liu made an impromptu speech. He said, “The joint construction of teaching and practice base is a good opportunity for YSU and the court to enhance communication and understanding, and we need deepen our exchanges and cooperation in a wider field in the future.”

The two parties are signing strategic cooperation agreement. (Photo by Qiaoyi Cai)

In the end, Hongmin Liu and Huajun Hu, on behalf of each party, signed strategic cooperation agreement for Family Trial Project. It is required that the two parties set up special projects for cooperation; YSU Mental Health Service Center provide psychological guidance for litigants in family cases, and conduct professional training for family trial judges; YSU establish the teaching research base of Marriage and Heritage Law and student practice base, and assist to complete the practical teaching task.

The signing ceremony was reported by the Hebei Law Daily, Qinhuangdao daily and Qinhuangdao TV Station.

(Translated by Tong Xing)

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