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YSU Hosted the 10th Hebei Doctor Forum on Social Sciences



[News from News Center] From Nov. 3rd to 4th, sponsored by Hebei Province Federation of Social Science Circles (HBSSC) and hosted by YSU, the 10th Hebei Doctor Forum on Social Sciences was held in Qinhuangdao. Vice Executive President of HBSSC Baogang Cao, Party Secretary of Tangshan Normal University Ying Wang, Secretary of Hebei Medical University Committee for Discipline Inspection Yinghui Fu, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Communist Party of China Qinhuangdao Municipal Committee Yunhua Gu, YSU Vice President Wanyu Sheng and Sheng Huang and other leaders attended the forum, as well as more than 150 experts and doctors in social sciences from over 38 universities and scientific research institutes in Hebei Province. The forum is themed by “Hold High the Banner of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and promote the prosperity and development of Hebei philosophy and social sciences”.

The forum (Photographed by Yijia Di)

Sheng Huang is hosting the forum. (Photographed by Dongfan Wang)

Wanyu Sheng is addressing the forum. (Photographed by Dongfan Wang)

Baogang Cao is addressing the forum. (Photographed by Yijia Di)

Sheng Huang hosted the forum on Nov. 4th morning, and Wanyu Sheng addressed a welcome speech. Sheng expressed sincere gratitude to HBSSC for trust and support, and extended warm welcome to the experts. Baogang Cao addressed the opening speech, he indicated that the doctor forum held at this time was of great significance since the 19th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China (19th NCCPC) had just closed, the 5th Plenary Session of the 9th CPC Hebei Provincial Committee had just opened, and the HBSSC was about to convene a general meeting for power transition. He also point out that it was at YSU that the 1st Hebei Doctor Forum on Social Sciences was successfully hosted, and this year marked its 10-year development. Cao denoted that the political priority for social workers was to fully implement the guidelines from the 19th NCCPC, closely follow the guidelines from the 19th NCCPC in terms of thinking and action, and condense our wisdom and strength to the implementation of the major tasks put forward at the 19th NCCPC.

Chundong Deng, Party Secretary and Director of Academy of Marxism of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, gave a report entitled “Study Guidelines from the 19th NCCPC and Properly Recognize Issues Concerning Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”. Four sub-forums were set respectively themed by “Hebei Economic and Social Development”, “Ideological and Political Education”, “the Construction of Xiongan New Area”, and “Cultural Inheritance and Innovative Development”. The scholars conducted full exchange and in-depth discussion focusing on the theme of the forum, carrying out and implementing the guidelines from the 19th NCCPC, and combining the major work of Hebei economic and social development in future. They also exchanged fruitful results that we had achieved in philosophy and social sciences in the new era of prosperity and development.

Chundong Deng is giving his report. (Photographed by Yijia Di)

Discussion around “Cultural Inheritance and Innovative Development” (Photographed by Yijia Di)

The handover ceremony (Photographed by Yijia Di)

Held annually, Hebei Doctor Forum on Social Sciences is organized by HBSSC and hosted by the universities in Hebei Province by turns. The Forum is a high-level academic exchange activity organized by HBSSC for the effective integration of high-end human resources of social sciences, training team, building academic exchange platform, and better serving Hebei economic society. The next forum will be hosted by Hebei Medical University. 

(Translated by Tong Xing)

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