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YSU Held Guidance Meeting for Watching Freshman Orientation Class Meeting



[News from News Center] On Nov.7th afternoon, YSU Student Affairs Office held the Guidance Meeting for Watching Freshman Orientation Class Meeting at Lecture Hall, 18th floor, Century Building. Vice President Sheng Huang, directors in charge of student affairs from each school, all counsellors of 2017 freshmen, and some student representatives attended the meeting.

The meeting

A counsellor is presenting class meeting.

In order to further improve the effectiveness of freshman orientation, YSU Student Affairs Office organized all freshman counsellors to design class meetings in group around 10 themes including adaptation, construction of learning atmosphere, spreading positive energy online, honesty and trustworthiness, which will be used as pattern for freshman class meeting. After repeated discussion and revision, 10 groups shared and gave advices for each other. The three groups themed by practicing the core socialist values, preventing online fraud, and adaptation to dormitory life were presented at the meeting. The three counsellors gave an impressive presentation with excellent interaction and interlocking content. After the presentation, all freshman counsellors gave their suggestions on the content and design to help further improve the class meeting. Student representatives indicated that the themes of the class meeting were closely related to everyone’s life and that the class meeting was entertaining, vivid and rewarding.

Sheng Huang is speaking

(Photos above from Student Affairs Office)

Sheng spoke at the meeting. He affirmed the counsellors’ preparation in the theme, content and other aspects. The class meetings were so rich in content that they can meet the demand of freshman and effectively help them adapt to college life as soon as possible at the beginning, and it would also provide counsellors with a good opportunity to exchange experience. He stressed that the university is an important turning point in students’ life; therefore, student workers should focus closely on the growth and actual needs of students to carry out education work and promote their growth and development with the spirit of devotion.

Freshman orientation is the first lesson of their college life, and YSU Student Affairs Office always attaches great importance to it. Since 2016, Student Affairs Office has extended the time of freshman orientation to one year, set up a new freshman orientation program, established a working group of counsellors, organized collective learning, jointly discussed the freshman orientation work, and designed innovative questionnaires for freshmen to understand their characteristics and to provide basis for classified guidance. In 2017, YSU Student Affairs Office continued to conduct curriculum related to life health education in small classes for nearly 200 hours; recruited senior teachers to deliver 24 lectures themed by “YSU History and Tradition”, invited doctors from the YSU hospital to carry out 14 lectures about life health and AIDS prevention, and also invited experts conduct national defense education and lectures on safety knowledge, covering all students in freshman orientation.

After the efforts of the YSU Student Affairs Office, the freshmen orientation has achieved good results, effectively helping the freshmen to complete the transition from high school to university as soon as possible and to form good habits of study and living at the beginning. Besides, these activities spread YSU education concepts and open up a new path for the development of the ideological and political education for YSU students.

(Translated by Tong Xing)

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