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Delegation of the University of Modena, Italy visited YSU



[News from News Center] On Nov. 12th morning, Mr. Sergio Ferrari, Vice President of the University of Modena, his assistant, Miss. Ms Luciano, and other three people visited YSU. YSU President Hongmin Liu, together with leaders from YSU International Cooperation Division and School of Vehicle and Energy, met and held conference with the delegation.

The conference (Photographed by Rui Liu)

Hongmin Liu is addressing the conference. (Photographed by Rui Liu)

Sergio Ferrari is addressing. (Photographed by Yang An)

Two parties are signing the agreement. (Photographed by Yang An)

At the beginning, Hongmin Liu extended warm welcome to the delegation on behalf of YSU, and introduced YSU. Then, Sergio Ferrari introduced the University of Modena and the city, gave high marks on YSU in the talent training, scientific research, social service and other achievements, and expressed willingness to carry out all-round exchanges and cooperation with YSU. Hongmin Liu and Sergio Ferrari, on behalf of each university, signed the cooperation agreement between two universities, indicating that the two parties are reaching substantial cooperation in the jointly undertaking scientific research, mutual exchange and visits among teachers, exchange and cultivation among students, scientific literature and publication. Besides, both parties discussed the joint organization of programs for Automotive Engineering majors including “3+1” project and “4+0” project for undergraduates and “1+1+1” project for postgraduates, and reached broad consensus. Both parties expressed their willingness to give further dialogue and negotiation on technical details to create good conditions for the smooth progress of the project. After the conference, the delegation visited the School of Vehicle and Energy.

The University of Modena, short for the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, is a public university directly under the administration of the Italian Ministry of Education. Located in Modena, Italy, and founded in 1175, it is one of the oldest universities in Italy. After more than 800-year development, the University of Modena has been built into not only the first-class universities in Italy, but also the international comprehensive research university which has a great influence on the world, with more than 22,000 students including about 5,000 postgraduates and 2,400 overseas students, more than 800 professors, and more than 2,000 associate professors, lecturers and researchers. The Modena campus is divided into many Departments including “Marco Biagi” Department of Economics, Department of Law, Department of Life Sciences, Department of Studies on Language and Culture, Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences, Department of Physics, Informatics and Mathematics. The Reggio campus owns the Department of Communication and Economics, the only Media Management Department in Italy. Besides, the city of Modena is also known as the “World Famous Cars’ Capital”, due to the fact that many world-class car companies headquarter in the suburbs of Modena City including Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, De Tomaso as well as Ducati, the famous high-end motorcycle company.

(Translated by Tong Xing)

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