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YSU Attended 2017 Hebei Province College Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Reform Conference




[News from News Center] On Nov. 7th, 2017 Hebei Province College Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Reform Conference was held in Shijiazhuang. Deputy Director-general of Education Department of Hebei Province Tingshan Wang, Director Zhiguo Zhu and Deputy Director Wei Lin of Higher Education Department attended the conference as well as YSU Vice President Yongsheng Zhao, Deputy Party Secretary of Liren College Xuemei Shang, and related leaders from YSU Academic Affairs Office. Wei Lin hosted the conference. Over 200 people attended the conference including presidents of Hebei colleges, universities and higher vocational colleges who are in charge of innovation & entrepreneurship education, directors of every school’s Academic Affairs Office and leaders from departments of innovation& entrepreneurship education.

Yongsheng Zhao is delivering a speech.

At the conference, Yongsheng Zhao, on behalf of YSU, delivered a speech on innovation & entrepreneurship education at YSU---a demonstrative university of Ministry of Education. He started with the exploration, results, and the incentive policy of YSU innovation & entrepreneurship education, explaining the curriculum system of innovation & entrepreneurship education, the recognition system of innovation & entrepreneurship credit, the practice platform, competition and the incentive policy of innovation & entrepreneurship in detail. The characteristics of YSU education, the educational experience and achievements of “innovation & entrepreneurship” aroused the interest and concern of the representatives from other participating universities.

Tingshan Wang is addressing. 

(Photos above from Academic Affairs Office)

Tingshan Wang reviewed the reform work of innovation & entrepreneurship education in Hebei colleges and universities in the past two years, and deployed the next step. He put forward the following points: First, colleges and universities should take the guidelines of 19th CPC National Congress as the guidance, forge ahead, work hard and unite the consensus, thus further strengthening the ideological consciousness and responsibility. Second, make a breakthrough at key points and further focus on the reform of key links in education. Third, guarantee and further improve the scientific and rational system. Fourth, exchange the needed resources and further construct the big pattern of promoting the reform together. Through the joint efforts of the provincial higher education front, we will constantly refresh the situation of innovation & entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities, and provide talents and intellectual support for building an economically strong and beautiful Hebei Province.

(Translated by Zhengjie Li)

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