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YSU Prof. Huaicheng Xia Was Honored the Best Tutor Award of “the 10th Anniversary of National Undergraduate Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training Program”



[News from News Center] From Nov. 17th to 19th, sponsored by Ministry of Education, the 10th National Conference of Undergraduate on Innovation and Entrepreneurship & 10th Anniversary Celebration was held at the stadium of Dalian Maritime University. At the conference, Prof. Huaicheng Xia from YSU School of Vehicle and Energy was honored the Best Tutor Award, the only award of Hebei Province.

Huaicheng Xia (the 4th from the left) is receiving the award at the conference.

Certificate of Honor

(Photos above from School of Vehicle and Energy)

In the past decade, Huaicheng Xia has guided 38 state-level and 21 province-level projects of National Undergraduate Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training Program and set up 1 innovation training platform for undergraduates. He put forward and practiced the “Training Method of Creative Ability for College Students in Overall Process Stage”, which was awarded the First Prize of Teaching Achievement Award in Hebei Province. “Dry-type Oil Sump Lubrication System Design for YX-7 Racing Car” guided by Xia won the Outstanding Paper Award at the 9th National Conference on Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and other two projects were selected to participate in the achievement exhibition of 2008 and 2012 National College Student Innovation Forum. Among the graduates guided by Xia, more than 30 students are now the backbones in China’s automotive industry, and 4 have started their own business. Students have obtained over 20 authorized patents and utility models after graduation. Huaicheng Xia made prior try and bold innovation in innovation & entrepreneurship education, and has gained gratifying achievements.

The National Undergraduate Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training Program has been officially implemented since 2007, which nearly 1000 colleges and universities participated in, covering 31 provinces (regions and municipalities). More than 180,000 state-level projects have been funded with the investment of over 3 billion yuan. Nearly 700,000 students participated in it, covering all disciplines including Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Humanities and Law. Themed by “Through Ten-year Courage, a Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire”, Qingsen Xu, Deputy Director of Higher Education Department under Ministry of Education, delivered the opening speech. Zhiyi Li, Director of Experts Group and the President of Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, read out “The Propose for National Undergraduate Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training Program in Next Ten Years”. Over 1300 representatives including students, teachers, entrepreneurs and investors were gathered together to exhibit and exchange the achievements of and map out new paths for the innovation & entrepreneurship education.

(Translated by Zhengjie Li)

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