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YSU Major of Electric Engineering and Automation Was Evaluated by National Engineering Education Accreditation Association





[News from News Center] From Nov. 19th to 22th, the expert group of China Engineering Education Accreditation Association conducted an on-the-spot evaluation on YSU Major of Electric Engineering and Automation.


Experts Meeting (Photographed by Honghong Zhu)


On Nov.20thmorning, YSU Vice President Yongsheng Zhao, department heads, and teacher representatives attended the experts meeting. Yongsheng Zhao expressed the support that university gives to engineering education accreditation and the professional management accredited major. He pointed out that YSU thinks highly of the professional accreditation and provides corresponding policy support for the related work on construction funds, education transformation, teachers training and profession improvement. Based on the strengthening of rudiments and professional skills of students, YSU also paid attention to the engineering practice skills, coordinated capability and humanities quality cultivation. Therefore, YSU has formed a personnel training mode which corresponds to engineering education gradually. 


Yongsheng Zhao is addressing the meeting. (Photographed by Honghong Zhu)


Xiaohua Zhang is addressing the meeting. (Photographed by Lanyun Zhang)


Leader of expert group Xiaohua Zhang illustrated the purpose of the on-the-spot evaluation and debriefed the director of the Major of Electric Engineering and Automation on students and disciplines, training objectives, graduation requirements and following improvements as well as the curriculum system and evaluation models. He also listened to the introduction to promote the profession development based on the accreditation. Teachers of the Major of Electric Engineering and Automation explained earnestly on the questions proposed by expert group, such as attracting outstanding students policy, teaching material update, curriculum provision on humanities and social sciences courses, the corresponding relation between curriculum and graduation requirement, ability cultivation on solving the complicated engineering problems, graduation requirement achieving evaluation and laboratory support.    

After the meeting, expert group evaluated the Engineering Training Center, Laboratory Center of Physics, Information Technology Center, library and specialty laboratory. During the three-day evaluation, the expert group reviewed the speciaty training program, curriculum teaching syllabus, practice report, graduation design, teaching quality evaluation materials and teaching management documents. The group also went deep among the representatives of students at school, graduates and employing units to know the related situation on personnel training of the Major.


Expert feedback conference (Photographed by Yiwen Zheng)


On Nov.22ndmorning, Yongsheng Zhao, department and school heads, teacher representatives and related directors preparing for the accreditation attended the expert feedback conference. Xiaohua Zhang gave high regards for the specialty construction of Electric Engineering and Automation and the preparation work on accreditation. He also noted that specialized program teaching model merges several teaching processes into a whole and promotes acquisition of knowledge and comprehensive ability together with a good effect. Meantime, he provided the recommending measures to curriculum system, teaching content and update, the ability on solving complicated problems, innovation ability cultivation, construction of teacher’s team and laboratory construction. All attendees heard the feedback carefully. On behalf of YSU, Yongsheng Zhao appreciated the hard work of expert group and commanded the related departments go over experts’ feedback. The university would give a full support to the rectification on policy. He pointed out that the accreditation is a new motivation for the reform of personnel training mode. YSU will take this opportunity to strengthen the construction of weak parts and strive to train more high-quality talents by taking the advantages of related specialized fields.  

(Translated by Jia Chen)

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