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YSU Aerobic Team Scored High in 13th (2017) CSARA China University Health and Energy Competition





[News from News Center] From Nov. 22nd to 26th, sponsored by Federation of University Sports of China and hosted by the People’s Government of Chunan County and Zhejiang Aerobic Association, the 13th (2017) CSARA China University Health and Energy Competition was held at Qiandao Lake Gymnasium, Chunan, Hangzhou, attracting more than 100 colleges and universities nationwide. The competition was divided into three sections, namely the China University Aerobic Championship, Fitness and Bodybuilding Championship and Campus Aerobics Championship. YSU won first place in all three projects.

YSU Aerobic Team

(Photos from School of Physical Education)

Led by Meng Zhao, the Assistant Dean of School of Physical Education, and coached by Xiaohui Li and Jing Gao, YSU Aerobics Team consists of 16 undergraduates and 3 postgraduate students from the School of Physical Education, and they ranked the first in Campus Aerobics Championship with excellent performance of “Double Beat” and “Disciple Gauge” - rhythmic body language routine, and “Prairie Eagle” - national dance required routine. During the competition, YSU Aerobic Team received unanimous praise from the leaders, judges and conductors of other teams and won the Most Youthful and Energetic Award, which showed good images and temperament of YSU students to the national colleges and universities. They will strive for good results and win honor for YSU in following national competitions of aerobic gymnastics.

(Translated by Xueru Jiang)

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