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2017 Hebei University Football League Successfully Concluded





[News from News Center] On Nov. 30th afternoon, 2017 Hebei University Football League successfully concluded at YSU gymnasium. Director of the Office of Ideology, Politics, Sports and Sanitary under Hebei Education Department Ruoqun Liu, Director of the Hebei Federation of University Sports Zhensheng Tian, Deputy Secretary General Youguang Fang and Weiying Chen, Chief Referee Jianli Lü, Vice President of Baoding Vocational and Technical College Kaiguang Li and Deputy Party Secretary of YSU School of Physical Education Zhongwei Jiang attended the closing ceremony. Dean of YSU School of Physical Education Wang Dapeng hosted the ceremony.


The closing ceremony (Photographed by Hao Wang)


Jianli Lü is reading out the competition result (Photographed by Hongjie Xi)

Jianli Lü read out the result. North China Electric Power University ranked the 1st, Hebei Normal University the 2nd and Yanshan University the 3rd of Campus Group. Hebei Institute of Physical Education ranked the 1st of Super Group and Baoding Vocational and Technical College the 1st of Higher Vocational College Group.


Weiying Chen is reading out the list of Sportsmanship Awards winners.

(Photographed by Hao Wang)

Weiying Chen read out the list of Sportsmanship Awards winners. Ten colleges and universities including YSU, 28 coaches, 56 athletes and 8 referees won this award.


Zhensheng Tian is reading out the awarding decision of the League.

(Photographed by Hao Wang)

Zhensheng Tian read out the awarding decision of the League. YSU won the Excellent Organization Award and Outstanding Contribution Award, and Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology and Northeast Petroleum University at Qinhuangdao also the Outstanding Contribution Award.


Award-winning teams of Higher Vocational College Group are receiving the awards.

(Photographed by Hao Wang)


Award-winning teams of Super Group are receiving the awards.

(Photographed by Hao Wang)


Representatives of Sportsmanship Award-winning units are receiving the awards.

(Photographed by Hao Wang)

Ruoqun Liu delivered the closing speech. She said all teams showed styles and the level in competition. And she extended congratulations to the units and individuals ranking high and expressed gratitude to all the staff who prepared for the competition. Liu hoped that all coaches and athletes can continue to carry forward the sport spirit of higher, faster and stronger, and constantly promote the rapid development of Chinese campus football.


Ruoqun Liu is delivering the closing speech.

(Photographed by Lanyun Zhang)

Zhongwei Jiang noted that the success of the League came from the support and help provided by all school leaders and departments. The efficient and ordered work in and outside the football field obtained the much praise and recognition from leaders and competitors. On the field, YSU athletes were strong, resolute and beyond themselves, fully revealing the sportsmanship of YSU students.  

(Translated by Zhengjie Li)


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