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YSU Held Closing Ceremony of 17th Humanity Festival & Final of “Humanity Show” Competition



[News from News Center] On Dec. 19thevening, hosted by School of Humanities and Law, the Closing Ceremony of the 17th Humanity Festival & the Final of “Humanity Show” Competition was held at 109, Student Activity Center, East Campus. Leaders from Publicity Department of the CPC YSU Committee, the Communist Youth League YSU Committee, and School of Humanities and Law attended the ceremony. At last, “To Qiujin - Chivalrous Spirits for Hundreds Years” from School of Humanities and Law won the First Prize.


“To Qiujin - Chivalrous Spirits for Hundreds Years” from School of Humanities and Law won the First Prize.

After the primary election, five teams from four Schools entered the Final of “Humanity Show” Competition. The ceremony began with the chorus “I Love You, China”. “Chivalrous Spirits for Hundreds Years-To Qiujin” incisively and vividly expressed the chivalrous frame of mind of Qiujin with good spot effect and excellent actors who cooperated well with each other. The recitations “Yanhuang” and “Chinese Do Not Kneel” were sonorous, forceful, striking, and inspiring, bringing the competition to a climax. The drama “Qu Yuan” tells the story that Qu Yuan, Chanjuan and other people devoted their lives to the national prosperity. Soliloquies and conflicts in the story made the drama up and down. The dance “Love for Fallen Flowers” with lilting rhythms, graceful dance, and swaying red skirt showed a beautiful picture. “Gathering Each Love” from School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering was not only humorous but also very moving.


The chorus “I Love You, China”


The recitation “Yanhuang”


The dance “Love for Fallen Flowers”


Leaders, guests and actors

(Photos above from School of Humanities and Law)

General Secretary Xi Jinping noted in the report at 19th CPC National Congress, “Culture is a country and nation’s soul. Our country will thrive only if our culture thrives, and our nation will be strong only if our culture is strong. Without full confidence in our culture, without a rich and prosperous culture, the Chinese nation will not be able to rejuvenate itself.” As the characteristic brand activity for YSU cultural construction, the Humanity Festival is not only an important carrier of disseminating excellent traditional culture and humanistic spirit, but also shouldering the responsibility to activate YSU cultural atmosphere. The 17th Humanity Festival has actively carried out guidelines from the 19th CPC National Congress, carried forward the humanistic spirit, spread the humanistic thought, activated the campus culture, and created a good atmosphere for the construction and development of YSU culture.

(Translated by Tong Xing)

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