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YSU Held the 2017 Awarding Ceremony of “Monte-Bianco Education and Teaching Scholarship”





[News from News Center] At 14:30, Dec. 20th, the 2017 Awarding Ceremony of “Monte-Bianco Education and Teaching Scholarship” was held at A101, Building of Electrical Engineering, West Campus. Huiwang Hu, Deputy General Manager of Monte-Bianco Diamond Applications Co., Ltd; Mingli Zhang, Director of the Student Affairs Office of YSU and Director of Student Funding Management Center; and leaders of School of Materials Science and Engineering, namely, Party Secretary Liping Wang, Dean Limin Wang, and Assistant Dean Wei Li attended the ceremony. The awarding ceremony was hosted by Yungang Yuan, Deputy Party Secretary and Assistant Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering.

The Awarding Ceremony

(Photos above from School of Materials Science and Engineering)

"Monte-Bianco Education and Teaching Scholarship" was funded by Monte-Bianco Diamond Applications Co., Ltd, who invested 250,000 yuan to set up a special education and teaching scholarship in School of Materials Science and Engineering after signing a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with YSU in March 2015. The scholarship consists of four awards including Outstanding Student Cadres, Outstanding Innovative Achievements, Outstanding Social Activities and Outstanding Young (Guidance) Teachers.

President Limin Wang delivered a speech on behalf of YSU. He expressed his congratulations to the winners and teachers and his gratitude to Monte-Bianco Diamond Applications Co., Ltd. He also gave a brief introduction of the achievements of the winners. He hoped all the teachers and students could be grateful to the society, develop all-roundly, enhance their abilities, continue to play the role of "awarding learning, supporting learning, promoting education and promoting research" of Monte-Bianco, and work together to build a fine culture. Assistant Dean Wei Li unveiled the list of the winners of "Monte-Bianco Education and Teaching Scholarship". Student representatives Nuoting Yu and Yuan Zhao delivered speeches on behalf of winners of Outstanding Student Cadres and Outstanding Innovative Achievements respectively. Besides, Huiwang Hu delivered a speech on behalf of Monte-Bianco Diamond Applications Co., Ltd. He introduced the overall development of the company, affirmed the achievements of industry- university- research cooperation with YSU, gave sincere invitation to the outstanding students of YSU in light of the time background and the development plan of the company, called on everyone to work hard in this beautiful age, and expressed his wishes to further cooperate with YSU.

The ceremony aims at awarding the top students, setting good examples, guiding and promoting the improvement of all students in ideological level, personal quality and comprehensive literacy, thus achieving better results in social responsibility, professional ability and technological innovation, and also encouraging students to carry forward the fine tradition, make persistent efforts to scale new heights. This is conducive to further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between school and enterprises, and build fine campus culture.

(Translated by Pan Li)


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