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YSU Won Awards in the First Micro Documentaries Contest for Hebei College Students



[News from News Center] Guided by the Publicity Department of the CPC Hebei Committee, and hosted by the Hebei Cyberspace Office, Hebei provincial Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Hebei Radio and Television Station and Hebei Radio and Television Association, and assisted by Hebei Network Broadcast and Television Station and Hebei Film Studio, the First Micro Documentaries Contest for Hebei College Students unveiled the list of winners, on which the Pakistani Brothers at YSU made by YSU TV Station and the Inheritance made by Guangsen Cao et al., students from Liren College won Excellent Award of the contest.


The credential


The credential

The documentary Pakistani Brothers at YSU, taking the government-supported Pakistani students in YSU as the main characters, records the difficulties the students met at the early stage of their campus life and narrates the story that they came to get used to their new lives in the new school and gained valuable experience with the help of Chinese friends. The documentary Inheritance introduces villagers’ preparation for and their celebrating activities on the Lantern festival in Wangjinzhuang Village of She County in Hebei. Through the three clues—the stories of the aged, the middle-aged and children, the movie shows the villagers’ happy lives and their inheritance and spreading of the traditional cultures.  


Themed by “Chinese Dream, My Dream” and “Beautiful Hebei”, the contest has included a total of 178 works from 14 colleges and universities of Hebei province and 13 out of the province. The contest aims to show, from the perspective of college students, the new changes, development and achievements made by Hebei province in the construction of the “Beautiful Hebei” project. Taking the form of documentaries, the contest is meant to express the love to the homeland and life, and pursuit of dreams so as to advocate positive energy and to spread up the Socialist Core Values. 

(Translated by Sai Wang)

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