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YSU Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with INSPUR



[News from the News Center] In the morning of March 21, YSU signed the strategic cooperation agreement with INSPUR. Wang Chunsheng, vice president of INSPUR, and Huang Sheng, YSU vice president, signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. Relevant people and departments from both parties attended the signing ceremony, which included INSPUR’s Artificial Intelligence and High-performance Products Division, Human Resources Department and INSPUR Hebei District; and YSU’S Institute of Science and Technology, School of Information Science and Engineering, and Information Technology Center. The ceremony was presided over by Li Hengwei, general manager of INSPUR Hebei District.

Signing the Agreement

Wang Chunsheng delivered a speech at the meeting. He, on behalf of Sun Pishu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, warmly welcomed YSU leaders’ arrival. He stated that as the national leader company of cloud computing and big data, INSPUR will continue to take its own advantages, and devote more resources to the cooperation of both parties. They will spare no effort to strengthen the in-depth cooperation between INSPUR Group and YSU in IUR, human resources development, and information construction. He hoped that the cooperation could reflect INSPUR’s commitment to our society, enhance the brand image and extend YSU’s influence. He also hoped that both sides could deepen and widen the cooperation field in order to build a model of university-industry cooperation nationwide.

Huang Sheng spoke at the ceremony. He spoke highly of INSPUR’s achievement in promoting the development of the national information industry, and expressed his expectations on the upcoming cooperation as well as the sincere congratulations. Huang Sheng said that INSPUR has seen a significant development and thus has immense capabilities in the fields of cloud computing and big data processing. It is hoped that, with this cooperation, both parties can make use of respective resource advantages to strengthen the cooperation in the information technology related fields such as high-performance computing and cloud platforms, and to jointly promote cloud computing, big data industry and human resources development to a higher level insomuch as to achieve a win-win situation for schools and enterprises.

Meeting Session

Before the signing ceremony, representatives of both parties exchanged their perspectives in the fields of IUR, human resources development, and information construction, and expected cooperation of various aspects in the fields of cloud computing and big data at different levels. Accompanied by Li Hengwei, General Manager of INSPUR Group Hebei District, they visited INSPUR Cloud Computing Innovation Center to fully understand its history, development status, innovation history, cloud computing industry, big data applications and cloud computing solutions for various industries.

Visiting the Cloud Computing Innovation Center

This university-industry strategic cooperation between YSU and INSPUR helped both parties gain mutual understanding and trust, which laid the foundation for subsequent cooperation.

[Translated by Liu Ruo]

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