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Altai State University of Technology Delegation Visits YSU



[News from the News Center] On March 23, Prof. Markov Mikhailovich, President of Altai State University of Technology (ASUT) in Russia, and Prof. Zrumov Aleksandrovich, Vice President of Strategic Development, Science and International Affairs, and Ms. Natalia Baryshnikova, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department headed a delegation to pay a visit to Yanshan University (YSU). Meng Weidong, secretary of the Party Committee of YSU, met with the visiting guests, and said that he would fully support the cooperation between the two universities. President Liu Hongmin, Vice President Zhang Fucheng, along with other relevant people from the International Cooperation Department, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Information Science and Engineering, School of Economics and Management, School of Construction Engineering and Mechanics, and School of Foreign Languages held working talks with visitors.

Meng Weidong and Markov in a meeting (photo by Xu Yandong)

Meeting session (photo by Wang Xinpei)

Liu Hongmin speaks at the meeting (photo by Jiao Yifan)

The meeting was presided over by Zhang Fucheng. At the meeting, President Liu Hongmin extended a warm welcome to the delegation headed by President Markov. He also reviewed the history and achievements of the cooperation between the two universities and introduced the current situation of the development of YSU. President Liu stated that against the background of Sino-Russian friendship, the remarkable impact of the cooperation between the two universities is evident. It is hoped that the two universities can have further cooperation in scientific research and curriculum development based on the previous exchanges of visits of teachers and students from the two universities.

Zhang Fucheng speaks at the meeting (photo by Wang Xinpei)

Zhang Fucheng elaborated at length on the idea of cooperation with ASUT in multiple areas such as student exchanges, teacher exchanges, joint diploma education, projects and cooperative research. President Markov expressed his heartfelt thanks to YSU for its warm invitation and hospitality. He said that the two universities had a solid foundation in the areas of student exchanges and Chinese and Russian language learning, which is an auspicious beginning for the following possible cooperation in many fields at different levels, such as “3+2” dual degree program, short-term training, auditing professional courses, distance learning, professional teacher visits, and collaborative scientific research.

Signing the cooperation agreement (photo by Jiao Yifan)

At the end of the meeting, Liu Hongmin and Markov Mikhailovich, on behalf of each university, signed the cooperation agreement, student exchange agreement, and the students’ summer and winter vacation language training agreement, which indicates that both sides will explore opportunities for more diverse and substantial partnership in scientific research, student joint training, exchange of teachers, etc.

ASUT and YSU have developed a effective cooperation for a relative long history. ASUT’s main campus is located in the scenic city of Barnaul in the south of Russia. It is only 200 kilometers away from Russia’s third largest city, Novosibirsk, and is easily accessible. It has two branches in Biysk and Robovsk, and it is one of the largest universities in Russia. The university has a long history, currently has a total of 15,000 students. Feature majors include: architecture, architectural environmental design, design, environmental protection, computer systems and networks, computer-aided design, computer software technology, comprehensive protection, informatization, mechanical engineering, composite materials Design and Manufacture, Welding Equipment and Technology, Foundry Machinery and Technology, Management, Economics and Management, National and Municipal Management, Personnel Management, Organization and Security, Machines and Instruments for Food Production, Information and Measurement Equipment and Technology, and Applied Computer Science.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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