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The Delegation of Qidong City, Jiangsu Province Visits YSU


[News from the News Center] On March 27 morning, Chen Fei, the Director of Science and Technology Bureau of Qidong City, Jiangsu province, headed a delegation of 9 people from the enterprise of Qidong City to pay a visit and exchange study to Yanshan University (YSU). Kong Xiangdong, Vice President of YSU and directors of Academy of Science and Technology, Technology Transfer Center among others, met with the visiting guests in the second Reception Room of the Century Building.  

Meeting session

Kong Xiangdong speaks at the meeting

At the meeting, Kong Xiangdong extended a warm welcome to the delegation, and introduced YSU illustrating with YSU’s propaganda film. He pointed out that the collaboration of study, research and production, and the integrated development of military and civilian are the characteristics of YSU development in hopes of strengthening the cooperation between YSU and local enterprises, which are based on reality, pursuing effective results, and making full use of the advantageous resources of YSU to better serve local economic and social development.  

Chen Fei speaks at the meeting (photos above by Liu Rui from News Center)

Chen Fei introduced scientific and technological innovation, industrial layout, economic development, and geographical advantages of Qidong City. He noted that the support and help of colleges and universities like YSU are indispensable to the development of Qidong City. He hoped that YSU could give support and help to enterprises in product development and independent innovation. He hoped that a greater development could be achieved by mutual industrial-academic-research cooperation and joint efforts.  

During the meeting, the director of relevant scientific team and the representative of enterprises held a friendly and warm talk about the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, business scope of enterprises and technological needs. This talk not only built up a innovation and development platform for both sides, but also provided a opportunity to deeper and wider range cooperation for both sides.

At the outset, the visiting guests visited YSU’s National Cold Rolled Strip Equipment and Process Engineering Technological Research Center, National Defense Key Subject Laboratory of Mechanical Structure under extreme conditions and material science and heavy mechanical liquid power transmission and control laboratory of Hebei province.  

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