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President Liu Hongmin Heads a Delegation to Visit TYUT and TYUST



[News from the News Center] On March 30, YSU President Liu Hongmin, and YSU Vice President Kong Xiangdong, , led a delegation consisting of the leaders from the Department of Science and Technology, National Engineering Research Center for Equipment and Technology of Cold Strip Rolling and YSU President Office to pay a visit and do research and investigation at Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) and Taiyuan University of Science and Technology (TYUST). YSU delegation had a meeting with Wu Yucheng, TYUT Party Secretary, Huang Qingxue, TYUT President, and Zuo Liang, TYUST President, and exchanged ideas on comprehensive reform, curriculum development, scientific and technological innovation among others.  

The campus tour

The delegation is visiting the exhibition of the ideological and political work.

At TYUT, YSU delegation headed by Liu Hongmin, Kong Xiangdong was warmly welcomed by Wu Yucheng, Huang Qingxue and other TYUT staff. They made cordial and friendly exchanges and examined into the particulars mainly with regard to the training of talents, the reform of scientific research management system and scientific and technological innovation. On behalf of YSU, Liu Hongmin extended congratulations to Huang Qingxue, an alumnus graduating from YSU (Northest Heavy Machinery College) in 1984, for being elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Liu Hongmin also expressed that YSU would invite Huang Qingxue as a visiting professor once again. During the visit, YSU delegation also visited the exhibition of the ideological and political work and made survey at Teacher & Student Entrepreneurship Center, the Key Laboratory of Coal Science and Technology by Ministry of Education and Shanxi Province, and the Coal Mining Technology Institute among others.

The meeting session

Liu Hongmin speaks at the meeting.

Zuo Liang speaks at the meeting.

(Photos above from YSU President Office)

At TYUST, YSU delegation had an in-depth discussion and exchanged some ideas with Zuo Liang, TYUST President, JinXiurong, TYUST Vice President and leaders from TYUST Office of Science and Technology and Heavy Mechanical Engineering Center. Zuo Liang introduced the university at large and recent work focus TYUST. TYUST is strengthening its comprehensive construction by adjusting the discipline layout, creating professional characteristics and changing the mode of education in order to improve its education quality. Liu Hongmin reviewed the history of fruitful exchanges between the two universities and introduced the YSU and its key work in recent years of YSU. Directors from TYUST introduced the management of scientific research and construction of technology innovation platforms. Both sides have conducted in-depth exchanges on the characteristics of TYUSTs education, new engineering curriculum construction, the adjustment of subjects on curriculum, scientific research management and transformation of research achievements.  

This research and investigation not only promoted the communication and friendship between YSU and TYUT, TYUST, but also provided some significant reference for the next research management system reform and scientific and technological innovation at YSU.

(Translated by Xing Tong)

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