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YSU High-level Women Volleyball Team Scores High




[News from the News Center] In the afternoon of March 30,China University Volleyball League Finals closing at the new campus of Nantong Sports School, Jiangsu Province, in which YSU high-level women volleyball team was ranked 7th. The league was sponsored by Chinese University Sports Association, executed by its volleyball branch and hosted by the Education and Sports Bureau of Chongchuan District, Nantong City. Over 300 athletes from 24 teams competed for 8 days. The competition takes the form of a combination of group games and knockout round. YSU team was led by Wang Dapeng, the Dean of School of Physical Education, with teacher Zhu Qing as the chief coach.

The match

Teachers and athletes

(Photos above from School of Physical Education)

YSU volleyball team competed in eight matches with teams from Fudan University, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, Nanchang University and other 5 universities. In the group copetition, YSU team defeated Fudan University, Southwest University and Nanchang University with the score of 3:2, 3:2 and 3:0 respectively, and then entered the knockout round by ranking third in the group. One match per day has a great challenge to the team members’ physical fitness and the ability of adjustment, it also tested our training result and overall strength of the volleyball team. Before the match, our team developed specific tactics with responding to particular techniques and tactics of the opponents. During the matches, they timely adjust the tactics to the changes at the field. The athletes did not give up when falling behind and grasp the opportunity when the niche opportunity appeared. Through this league, YSU high-level women volleyball team has accumulated valuable experience, which not only promoted their volleyball techniques, but also enhanced the team's confidence, thus fully demonstrated the style and level of YSU team, and showing the excellent image and tenacity of YSU students to national universities.

(Translated by Li Zhengjie)

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