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YSU Makes Great Achievement in 2017 National Academic Degree Authorization




[News from the News Center] On March 22, the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council issued the list of 2017 newly authorized units for Doctoral and Masters degree. Approved by the 34th session of the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, YSU is authorized to grant Professional Doctoral Degree in Engineering and offer Doctoral Degrees in other 3 first-level disciplines: Physics, Mechanics, and Business Administration. YSU is also authorized to grant Masters Degree in Finance and offer Masters Degree in other 5 first-level disciplines: Marxism Theory, Mathematics, Oil and Gas Engineering, Design, and Chemistry.  

Up until now, YSU owns 14 first-level disciplines authorized to offer Doctoral Degree, 1 discipline authorized to offer Professional Doctoral Degree, 33 first-level disciplines authorized to offer Master’s Degree, and 11 disciplines authorized to offer Professional Master’s Degree. The new Professional Doctors Degree is YSUs breakthrough, and YSU is the only university which was authorized in Hebei Province. This new authorization will bring the changes to the structure of YSUs Doctoral Degree, and it will also further improve the level of education in engineering at YSU, and provide a guarantee and impetus for better service to building China into a manufacturing power and the training of leading talents in manufacturing industry.  

This round of academic degree authorization review started in March 2017. Upon the application from the degree-granting unit, the provincial academic degree committee shall verify and determine the qualifications, which were followed by the applications review organized by the provincial degree committee, and the second-round review was conducted by the State Councils Academic Degree Committee. The results and the selection procedures were publicized, and the proposed list was finally approved by the State Councils Academic Degree Committee. From the beginning of application, YSU had attached great importance to the preparation. YSU started the application at the end of 2016 and held a number of meetings for material preparation and modification particularly, in proposing and reviewing the disciplines for application. With a consensus on the optimized layout and the development of disciplines, all YSU departments coordinated and have successfully completed the application of 2017.  

(Translated by Xing Tong)

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