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Liren College participates in the 2018 Hebei Youth Robotics Technology Carnival Show



[News from the News Center] From April 20 to 22, the Hebei Youth Robotics Competition organized by the Hebei Provincial Association for Science and Technology and the Education Department of Hebei Province, Qinhuangdao City Association for Science and Technology and the Qinhuangdao Education Bureau was successfully hosted at Chinese Football School Qinhuangdao Training Base. YSU Liren College was invited to participate in the Technology Carnival Show.

The theme of the 2018 Hebei Youth Robot Competition was “Technology with Growth, Freedom with Talent Release”. During the period of competition, there was the Science and Technology Carnival Show. Liren College’s Science and Technology Innovation team was invited to the Carnival Show with the universities such as Peking University, Tianjin University and Zhejiang University.

Liren College’s exhibition -- smart car

The smart car that was exhibited by the Electric Engineering Department of Liren College was running at the track, which attracted many visitors. They parked next to the booth and asked about the relevant information of the smart car. The representatives of Liren College patiently explained the principle and structure of the smart car. Both students and citizens at the spot, they deeply felt the wonder and interest of science and technology. A grand "Technology Carnival" brought a technological feast to young people and also inspired students' passion for technology and innovation.

The technical team of the Electrical Engineering Department of Liren University interacts with the citizens (Photo by Liren College)

This exhibition has enabled more people to understand the achievements of technological innovation in Liren College. The college has also gained recognition from all walks of life through this exhibition. And the students also felt the charm of science and technology innovation, and more achievements are expected in the future.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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