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YSU Chorus Competition“Pursue Merits in the New Era and Act with Courage as Youths”


[News from the News Center] At 14:30, Apr. 26th, YSU chorus competition“Pursue Merits in the New Era and Act with Courage as Youths” was held at Room 109, Student Center, East Campus. Huang Sheng, YSU Vice President, Li Xida, Secretary of Communist Youth League (CYL) YSU Committee, Chen Gexin, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Dean of School of Information Science and Engineering, Wang Guowei, instructor of Liren College, and Deputy Secretaries in charge of student affair from other Schools attended the competition. After a heated competition, School of Arts and Design won the first prize, Liren College and School of Mechanical Engineering the second prizes, School of Vehicle and Energy, School of Economics and Management and School of Information Science and Engineering the third prizes, and other eight Schools the excellent prizes.

This competition is composed of two sections, each team performing two songs with one self-selected and the other required. In order to ensure the competition professional and fair, five professional teachers were invited as judges including Li Haisong, senior reporter and Deputy Director of Qinhuangdao Radio Station, Han Yongbin, member of Chinese Musicians’ Association and President of Qinhuangdao Mass Art Center, Zhang Zhuyan, Deputy Dean of YSU School of Arts and Design, Li Yan, teacher at YSU School of Arts and Design and conductor of Yanming Chorus, and Song Jun, associate professor of the Department of Music, School of Arts and Design.

Love for the Republic by School of Arts and Design (Photo from CYLYSU Committee)

Youth Danceby Liren College (Photo from CYLYSU Committee)

Representatives of prize-winning Schools (Photographed by Zhao Rui)

Love for the Republic by School of Arts and Design won the most enthusiastic applause from the audience with excellent intonation and tone, making them excited by the rhythm. Youth Dance by Liren College impassioned the audience with neat movement and strong emotion. Chinese Army Soul by School of Mechanical Engineering and Song for a Strong Army by School of Electrical Engineering impressed the audience with tremendous vigor and emotion; I Love You China, Love Our Nation, Country, Ode to Motherland represented affectionate confessions for the history and the firm faith to defend the motherland during tribulations. In Taihang Mountains, The Pearl of the Orient, and Walk on the Road showed the strong will to sacrifice for others, get united and serve the motherland. Yanming Chorus was invited to give performance of Motherland Will Not Forgetand Praise Motherlandin praise of the China’s great rejuvenation and prosperity, and selfless dedication of hard workers. The audience wasdeeply touched by each of the participating Schools with resonantvoice, majestic momentum, moving melody, and creative ingenuity.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up and the 99th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement. Under such circumstances, this competition not only provided students with a platform to show their charm and to enrich cultural lifeon campus, but also called on contemporary university students to care deeply about China’s destiny and the well-being of the peoplein the spirit of the May Fourth Movement, and to write a brilliant chapter with youth and warm blood.

(Translated by Xing Tong)

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