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YSU won the first prize in 2018 "World Robot Contest - Tri-Co Robots Challenge"



[News from the News Center] From April 25 to April 27, the 2018 " World Robot Contest - Tri-Co Robots Challenge" sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, hosted by the Chinese Institute of Electronics, China Mechanical Engineering Society, and China Northern Vehicle Research Institute was held in Beijing. After fierce competition, Li Haili, Chen Juntao, Chen Xinbo, and Liu Chunye led by Prof. Yao Jiantao of YSU School of Mechanical Engineering won the only first prize for the creative group.

Photo of the team of prize winners

YSU competition entries

Photo above by School of Mechanical Engineering

YSU’s soft-bodied-robot team's competition entry is "Load-bearing soft-bodied gripping device based on the bionic winding effect". This work is inspired by the natural animal and plant winding phenomenon. It uses engineering bionic technology to design and produce a load-bearing soft-bodied grasping and holding device. The design, inspired by the bionic winding concept, through clever configuration design, has greatly improved the carrying capacity of the current software grip device. The relevant research results have applied for international invention patents. During the competition, the design work was highly praised by the experts of the jury for its high degree of conceptual novelty and completeness of performance. It stood out from many top universities in China and won the first prize of the creative group.

YSU’s soft-bodied robot team relies on Prof. Zhao Yongsheng’s scientific research team. Since its establishment in 2015, under the guidance of Prof. Yao Jiantao, it closely followed the development of the international soft-bodied robots, explored the direction of soft-bodied robot, and continuously carried out technological accumulation and theoretical innovation. It has developed a variety of software robot systems and achieved good scientific research results, which produced 10 national invention patents

"World Robot Contest - Tri-Co Robots Challenge" is the first high-level robotics event held in 2018 under the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China's "Research on Fundamental Theory and Key Technology of Tri-Co Robotics". The competition followed the concept of “Aggregation, innovation, and creation”. With the theme of “human-machine-environment communion”, well-known experts in the field of robotics were invited to serve as judges, attracting students from Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Jilin University and many other well-known colleges and universities and top robot research team with nearly 100 competition entries in the contest.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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