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The Second National Mathematical Modeling Teaching and Training Seminar in 2018 -- the Award Ceremony of the 2018 Asia Pacific Region Mathematical Modeling Contest at YSU



[News from the news center] On April 27-29, the second National Mathematics Modeling Teaching and Training Seminar in 2018 -- the 2018 Asia Pacific Regional Mathematical Contest Modeling Contest was held at YSU.

The conference was organized by the Hebei Live Statistics Association and the Asia-Pacific Regional Student Mathematical Modeling Competition Organizing Committee, and was hosted by YSU and the website “”. On the morning of the 28th, the General Assembly held an opening ceremony and an award ceremony. Zhao Yongsheng, Vice President of YSU, attended and delivered a speech. Also present at the meeting were Liu Baoxiang, Chairman of the Hebei Hebei Live Statistics Association, Dean of the School of Science of North China University of Science and Technology (NCUST), Wang Leizhen, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Institute, Vice President of Northeastern University Qinhuangdao, and Vice President of the Society, Yan Manfu, Vice President of Tangshan Normal University, Jin Hailong, Director of Academic Affairs Division of YSU, Liu Yong, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Zhang Shiliang, Party Secretary, Yu Chunxiao and Wang Mingli, Deputy Deans. More than 130 teachers and students from 62 universities and colleges including Sun Yat-Sen University attended the meeting. The conference was chaired by Wang Xiaosheng, Vice President of the Live Statistics Association and Deputy Dean of School of Mathematical Sciences and Engineering, Hebei University of Engineering.

Zhao Yongsheng speaks at the conference

Award ceremony

The awards were given to the award-winning students, teachers, and organizational units. Zhang Yin, a teacher of YSU School of Science, obtained the excellent instructor of the Asia Pacific Region Mathematical Contest for YSU students, and YSU won the Outstanding Organization Award. At the same time, the meeting invited experts to explore the design and practice of mathematics modeling preparatory and organizational methods, the training and design of mathematical modeling contests, the follow-up research and results display of mathematical modeling contests, and the exploration of innovative talents training mode based on mathematical modeling contests.  

Photo of conference participants

The 2017 Asia-Pacific Region Mathematical Contest for Modeling was organized as a discipline competition for college students in the Asia Pacific Region organized by Hebei Live Statistical Association and the Organizing Committee of the Mathematical Modeling Competition. The competition was held on November 23-27, 2017. There were 3198 teams from 366 colleges and universities in 4 countries. Nearly 10,000 students participated. There were some international universities such as Simon Fraser University of Canada, University of Adelaide of Australia and University of Technology in Sydney, Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan, Tunghai University in Taiwan region, and Macau University of Science and Technology in Macau, China. The students participants were from universities at different levels, including 38 985 universities, 97 211 universities. After experts’ review, a total of 4 special awards, 122 first prizes, 377 second prizes, and 639 third prizes were granted. The competition has become a highly influential basic discipline and applied science and technology activity in the Asia Pacific region.  

[Translated by Ni Rongzi]

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