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YSU Press Fully Coordinates with the Construction of “Cultural Qinhuangdao” Project



[News from the News Center] On Apr. 27th, YSU Vice President Zhang Fucheng leading a group of directors of YSU Press attended the forum at the Publicity Department of Qinhuangdao Municipal Party Committee, willingly interfacing with a batch of key publishing projects serving the culture construction of Qinhuangdao. This activity showed the sincere wishes of YSU Press to contribute to the construction of a coastal economically-strong city and economic development of Qinhuangdao. The standing committee member of Qinhuangdao Municipal Party Committee, Director of Publicity Department Chen Yuguo attended the forum. He said that fully rooting for YSU Press to promote reputation was promoting the popularity of Qinhuangdao. There is huge developing space for the cooperation between the progress of YSU Press and “Cultural Qinhuangdao” construction. He indicated that the Press would be a huge stage for assisting the whole situation to jointly plan the new development of the public cultural undertakings of Qinhuangdao in the new era. Chen required that the relevant projects be accomplished in detail to build creative brands. The Deputy Director of the Publicity Department Hui Feng and the directors of External Publicity Bureau, Literature and Arts Department, and Cultural Industry Promotion Department successively contributed ideas for the utilization of the platform of YSU Press.

The forum (Photo by Tang Zhiguo)

Since the beginning of this year, YSU Press has been focusing on fulfilling its social responsibilities for serving the society and inheriting culture, and has actively provided various cultural services for Qinhuangdao City to promote the construction of cultural tourism and maintain the achievements of city construction and sparing no efforts to satisfy the local cultural needs. The Chief of YSU Press Chen Yuzhuan has submitted a proposal draft “Enhancing the Cultural Attraction and Promoting the City's Popularity”, in which he proposed to set up a publishing base based on YSU press platform which aims to publish multilingual international tourism translation works. At the same time, to establish a “knowing me” Qinhuangdao intelligent reading creative demonstration space taking advantage of the conditions of YSU, and plan and publish a set of handbooks about the citizen’s hearts and city conditions as well as the representative quality publications of Qinhuangdao regional culture. The specific proposals have been affirmed by leaders including Qinhuangdao Municipal Party Committee Secretary Meng Xiangwei and Publicity Department Director Chen Yuguo. Meanwhile, the Press also actively promoted the works of local writers in conjunction with public libraries, media, and bookstores, held lectures on "Living Library", and met with local readers, which have been reported by Qinhuangdao television station. At present, the Press has been setting up special shelves in many bookstores to realize that books published by YSU Press are available in where there are books. The Press will then push forward introducing and recommending books into public institutions, scenic spots, and service places.

According to “Deepening Reform of the Party and State Institutions”, the CPC Central Committee decided that the Publicity Department would manage the press and publication work. The National Press and Publication Administration (National Copyright Administration) unveiled the nameplate on April 16, 2018 at the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, fully embodying the attention given to the publicity, ideology and culture word by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, and reflecting the necessities to strengthen the Party’s total leadership to press and publication. Taking this institutional reform as an opportunity, YSU Press will closely follow the instruction of learning, publicizing and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the Party’s 19th National Congress to strengthen the confidence in culture, have the courage to reform and innovate, and be responsible for our people and society.

(Translated by Li Zhengjie)

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