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YSU wins awards in 2018 Mathur Cup Mathematical Modeling Competition


[News from the News Center] Recently, the result of 2018 Mathor Cup Mathematical Modeling Competition was officially announced. YSU students won three first prizes, two second prizes, and two third prizes. At the same time, our school's teacher Zhang Yin received the Outstanding Teacher Award and Li Yingchao from the School of Mechanical Engineering won Outstanding Volunteers Title.

Awarding certificates

The competition organized by the School of Science, and students from other schools were encouraged to participate in the training. The preparation of this competition received strong support from the Department of Academic Affairs, Science and Technology Research Institute and other schools. After the preparation and training, eventually 14 teams were formed. Wang Mingli, Deputy Dean of the School of Science served as the leader of the competition. Zhang Yin served as the head coach. Most of the contest topics come from practical corporate issues. Experts from some prestigious companies such as Alibaba, The MathWorks, and Didi Chuxing are invited, which demonstrated the application of mathematics in practical problems. Students know more about mathematical modeling knowledge and disseminated the concept of mathematical modeling, which greatly promotes the cultivation and improvement of students' innovation.

The 8th Mathor Cup University Mathematical Modeling Competition is a disciplinary competition for students of higher education organized by the China Optimization Law, Coordinating Law, and Economic Mathematics Research Society. The Mathor Cup University Mathematical Modeling Competition was held on April 5 to 9, 2018. The contest was attended by 387 colleges and universities with a total of 3210 teams.

Attachment: YSU First Prize winners.


Team member 1

Team member 2

Team member 3




Tian Wei

Cui Ruixue

Hou Zeqing

Zhang Yin

First Prize


Wang Zengbin

Chai Yanan

Zhang Yin

First Prize


Ma Zhengyang

Wang Hongzhi

Gao Lipeng

Zhang Yin

First Prize


(Translated by Ni Rongzi)

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