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Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province held a meeting to extend thanks to YSU Graduate Education Support Team



[News from the News Center] On June 15, Kong Jiqing, Party Secretary of the Education Bureau of Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, and his colleagues arrived at Tsaidam Elementary School to visit all the members of YSU postgraduate education support team and extended thanks from Wang Jianjun, Secretary of the Qinghai Party Committee and Haihe Governor of Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province. Jiang Dongmei, Secretary of CYL Haixi Prefecture Committee, Zhang Qian, Deputy Minister of Publicity Department of Haixi Prefecture, Zhao Xiaojin, Deputy Minister of Municipal Publicity Department of Delingha City, Xu Zhipeng, Party Secretary of Delingha City, Cao Jianxia, Vice Principle of Tsaidam Primary School, teachers, student representatives attended the meeting, which was hosted by Xie Jun, Director of the Education Department of Delingha City.

Kong Jiqing speaks at the meeting.

Kong Qingji conveyed Wang Jianjun and Meng Hai’s affirmation of the achievements made by YSU postgraduate education support team in Qinghai Province. He encouraged the education support members to contribute their talents to the areas of plateau, poverty, frontier and multi-ethnic places, and to take hardship as a valuable experience to contribute to the construction of the golden Tsaidam Basin.

In May of this year, members of YSU educational support team presented a letter to the Party Secretary of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, Wang Jianjun, introducing the situation of YSU Graduate Education Support Team and expressing their determination and affection for volunteering in the west. In his reply, Wang Jianjun emphasized in particular that the deeds of YSU Graduate Education Support Team were very touching. The support teachers were enthusiastic and devoted, demonstrating the outstanding features of students at YSU, and asked related departments to pay more attention to them and help the support team complete the teaching task.

The representative of teaching support team, Zeng Xiangrui speaks at the meeting.

Zeng Xiangrui stated that the teaching support team would regard difficulties as a challenge and cherish this valuable experience. After returning to the eastern area, they would continue to see Haixi as their second hometown and introduce it to more people. They would also view the teachers and students in elementary schools as their family to care and help. They would encourage more young students to join the support team and contribute to the development of the Golden Tsaidam.

Certificates awarding. (Photo above by CYL YSU Committee)

After the meeting, Kong Qingji awarded honorary certificates to YSU volunteers.

YSU Graduate Education Support Team was established in 2016. The first three members started their one-year teaching work at the Tsaidam Primary School in Delingha City, Qinghai Province from August 2017. Due to its outstanding performance, the 1st Graduate Education Support Team was collectively awarded the 12th Lei Feng Figure of “Legend of You and I in Yanshan University”. The second group will join this force in August this year.

YSU Graduate Education Support Team has become a brand of YSU volunteer service.

(Translated by Lv Bo)

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