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2018 International Symposium of Comparative Language and Culture Held at YSU



[News from the News Center] On Aug. 25th, the opening ceremony of 2018 International Symposium of Comparative Language and Culture was held at the 4th floor, Building of Humanism. The symposium was organized by YSU School of Foreign Studies and Academy of Comparative Language and Culture. The symposium attracted many teachers from more than 20 universities and colleges including Hiroshima University, Capital Normal University, Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao, Hebei University, Hebei Normal University, Shanxi University, Guangxi University, Southwest University of Science and Technology, and Tokyo Metropolitan University.  

The symposium


(Photos above from School of Foreign Studies)

The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Shen Xiuyi, Director of the Department of Japanese language. YSU Vice President Kong Xiangdong spoke at the opening ceremony, expressing warm welcome and sincere greetings to all the experts and guests present, and pointed out that experts and scholars at home and abroad would bring us a feast of thought and academy. YSU would take symposium as an opportunity to gather academic resources, broaden our horizons, promote friendship, inspire innovation, seek new ideas and develop new ways for social science research and international cooperation of humanities.  

Then, Vice President of Hiroshima University and President of the Academy of Comparative Language and Culture recalled the history of inter-school exchanges between Hiroshima University and YSU, and said that this international symposium would further deepen academic exchanges between the two universities. Finally, Wang Linhai, Dean of School of Foreign Studies, briefed the guests on the School situation. He pointed out that this international symposium not only had great significance for us to promote our own research level and enhance the international perspective, but also provided us with the opportunity to exchange and cooperate with colleagues at home and abroad in language and culture research.

The  symposium aims at promoting the development of comparative language and comparative culture at home and abroad, probing into the development direction of Japanese and English teaching under cross-cultural background, exploring the reform of intercultural teaching system and evaluating system of research achievements, providing a platform for exchanges between researchers of comparative language and culture at home and abroad, and conducting in-depth communication and discussion for Japanese and English teaching reform in China.  

(Translated by Xing Tong)

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